Olympic Yoga – Archer pose

Archer Pose

  Watch Where You Aim That Arrow! Archery is said date back to the stone age (around 20,000 BC), and while most people don’t go out and hunt their food with a bow and arrow, it is alive today in sport. This year you can see it in the Olympics. The Archer Reveals the Secrets of Life Archer pose requires steadiness, focus, and strength. When you step forward on one foot, hold up your bow and pull back on your

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One World One Dream – Olympic Yoga

One World One Dream

The Spirit of the Games While yoga is not (yet) an Olympic sport, there are ways to tap into the excitement of the Olympics to enhance your kids yoga classes. Many kids love the Olympics. They are really special because they only come around every four years. This morning in my pre-school yoga class (3-5 year olds) at a daycare, five out of eight kids said they were watching the Olympics on TV. Earlier in the summer, my nephew asked to

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Imagine An Easy Class with Books You Have

Imagine a Class Using books you have

Do You Already Own this Book? Lately I’ve been posting a lot about the tween yoga classes I have. I don’t want the little kids to get left out so this one is for them. Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers are a fun age to teach and a popular age group to teach in daycares. Once you have their attention they participate whole heartedly and are a lot of fun to teach. How to Get Their Attention? If you are not sure

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