Real-Life Yoga Networking and Market Research Examples

Real Life Yoga Networking and Market Research Examples

How Does Businesses Blossom? I’ve been writing Teaching Kids Yoga for just under a year now and it has slowly grown to find those people who are interested in bringing kids some powerful yoga tools.   Save Yourself Time My teacher, Tulshi Sen, often quotes a wise proverb: “Fools learn from their own mistakes, the wise learn from the mistakes of others.”Before the giveaway begins, let’s put the market research we’ve been doing and what we have learned from others

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What’s the Most Effective Way to Get a Job Teaching Kids Yoga?

What is the most effective way to get a job teaching kids yoga?

When Not to Keep a Secret It’s been around for ages. It’s used by royalty and paupers. It’s among the fastest growing applications on the Internet. It’s blogged about, whispered about, and even twittered about. Go to any job hunting club or website and its usually the number one method listed of getting a job. It’s the time tested and proven MOST effective way of getting work. It’s NETWORKING. It’s How People are Hired Indeed most people are hired by

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