Getting Yoga in Schools is a Problem

Have you ever noticed how every problem is also an opportunity?
In this blog post I look at the problem of getting yoga into schools and getting ready to talk to 2,000 School Principals at the International Principals Convention in Toronto this month.

Tell Me What You Think! I’d love to get your feedback if you’ve ever talked to a school principal. Please share your experience by filling out this quick 4 question survey. You could help get more yoga into schools by sharing what you know. Thanks to everyone for your support.

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3 Resources for Bringing Yoga into Schools

Here are three effective resources to fuel anyone’s passion for bringing yoga into the classroom, lunchroom, or gymnasium. Know who to approach at the school: Depending on the atmosphere at your school you may want to approach from a few directions to get yoga into a school.  This article, based on an interview I did with a school Vice Principal (soon to be Principal) will give you tons of ideas for approaching department heads, parent advisory boards, and principals:  How

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Leadership for Children

How to Speak to Children in Yoga When teaching children yoga one of the best tools you can use is to speak to the soul of the student. I found this out in a class of older children, around 9 – 12 years old, the senior group in the daycare. Many of them were just a few months from being able to be on their own at home. It was a challenge to engage this age group in yoga. They

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