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The Phases of the Moon – One Pose, Many Topics

Crescent Moon Pose Kids Yoga Requires Creativity – and so does LifeIn a kids yoga class one pose can be used many ways. Take Crescent Moon Pose and all the topics it can inspire kids to consider. Balancing Your Body and Your Life: Crescent Moon is one of the poses in the Wii Fit Yoga game – so kids may know it from there. I’ve played the Wii Fit Yoga game and it is a fun way to see how

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Who do Kids Belong to?

Kids Meditating in one of my Kids Yoga Classes This picture really shows how much kids enjoy meditation. Over the years teaching kids I’ve seen how deeply kids can experience yoga and meditation. It slowly became a passion for me to hold the space for kids to experience their inner world. Playing with DivinityI started teaching kids yoga classes that were all play and games. Then began introducing the powerful concepts of yoga that I learned from my Teachers. These

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Kids Yoga Class Trends & DVD Winners

Remember the post about spotting trends? I asked: Guess which word Google ranked most searched of these five (now in random order): happiness stress love success Fun Well if you haven’t looked them up yet, here’s the answer in order of most searched to least searched: love (searched 52.0 times more than the #5 answer) fun (14.0 times more) stress (3.5 times more) success (2.0 time more) happiness (for every one time “happiness” was searched) Love Is the Answer –

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I Would Do It Again

Yoga for Young Bodies – DVD Giveaway I got some help from my nephew and neice – and even my brother to help review this weeks DVD by Hemalayaa: Yoga for Young Bodies from Acacia Lifestyles. You could win it! Leave a comment by Sunday and I’ll randomly pick a winner. As you can see in the picture – the kids are actually a teen and a pre-teen. I think this video is geared more to older kids than wee

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Trendspotting & Kids Yoga – What are People Looking For?

We talked about surveying your field and finding out what day cares, schools, and studios want in terms of kids yoga. You may want to use this info on your website or posters to promote your kids yoga services. The Most Powerful Part of Your Promotion Most marketers give 80% of the power of your ad to the headline. Mostly because if your headline isn’t interesting no one will bother reading anything else you have to say. Just google “how

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