The Phases of the Moon

Crescent Moon Pose

Kids Yoga Requires Creativity – and so does Life
In a kids yoga class one pose can be used many ways. Take Crescent Moon Pose -for example-and all the topics it can inspire kids to consider.

  1. Balancing Your Body and Your Life: Crescent Moon is one of the poses in the Wii Fit Yoga game – so kids may know it from there. I’ve played the Wii Fit Yoga game and it is a fun way to see how centered your balance is. This pose can be used to talk about balance and can be done by most ages.Balance is key to the Wii game. In life we balance games and other activities. The fine balance in the solar system, the sun, the moon, and the earth – creates life. What does balance mean?
  2. What are The Phases of the Moon?
    Ask kids the moon’s cycle: full moon, crescent moon, no moon, crescent moon, then full again. What is that like? One answer is our cycles of digestion. Pass on your lineage’s teachings on digestion. When to eat before exercising and why? How much to eat? Give a little anatomy lesson. (hey- there’s a whole workshop of topics here!) Make up poses for each phase of the moon.
  3. Sing a Song About the Moon
    I like this CD called Namaste by Christopher Carbone. The moon song from this CD I just sing on my own when we are doing Crescent Moon pose. The kids sing along too. Or you could sing my sister’s favourite “Paper Moon” in the style of Ella Fitzgerald:

Say, its only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea
But it wouldn’t be make-believe
If you believed in me

Crescent Moon is one of the poses in the Teaching Kids Yoga Curriculum and it goes really nicely with the theme “What is Yoga” when I introduce the concept of Unity.

So give Crescent Moon a try in your kids classes – it is great pose for all ages.

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