Beware the Tweens in Daycares

beware the tweens in daycares

Tweens and Daycare Teaching Yoga in Daycares is a great way for kids to discover yoga. You can have short (30 minute) classes with all the different age groups in the school. Personally, at first I found the most challenging of these to be the tweens.   Yoga with tweens (aged around 10 – 12 years old, between kids and teens)requires a certain knack, especially when they are in daycare. Unlike most kids in studio yoga classes, the kids have

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Getting Kids Attention

getting kids attention

The Main Ingredient Getting the attention of kids can be hard at times. You go into a classroom or studio and the kids would rather talk to each other than listen to the teacher. Or maybe they sit at home playing video games, not even answering, let alone stopping the game to do yoga with you. To make it more challenging, once you have their attention, who knows how long you will keep it. So when faced with this challenge,

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Yoga means Fun, Health and Laughter for Kids

  Wanna hear a joke? Jokes are fun for kids and adults yoga – even when they are groaners. The point of joking? Don’t take life so seriously. In fact one of the best ways to feel Unity is to just have fun.   Laughing Yoga for Kids Whenever I want to have fun with the kids in yoga class we do Laughing Yoga. It is a great way to get everyone to have fun and relax and enjoy the

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The Reality of Classroom Management

Finding the Light When I first started teaching over 10 years ago, I was surprised to realize that one of the most challenging things about children’s classes is managing the group. Now I know that this is a key skill required to work with kids. My teacher always quotes a great Roman, Cicero, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” To teach children takes vigilance. Power Struggles In one class is a little boy who I often find sitting in

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Funny Kids Yoga Story

Accidents Happen You may have noticed that my old blog post asks, “Have you ever had someone pee on your yoga mat?” Well, you guessed it – that question comes from personal experience. It happened with a group of toddlers I teach in a Montessori School. For half an hour each week we have our yoga sessions which includes all the aspects of yoga including asana, deep breathing, meditation, and relaxation. Of course all of it is kids-style yoga. If

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