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How to Start a Kids Yoga Program at a School

Back to school looms closer and closer. This is good news for kids yoga teachers interested in finding new classes. Here are some pointers, from experience, on how to get a kids yoga program into a school.

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Survey Contest – Win with Your Opinion of Kids Yoga

Young Yoga Masters is having a contest and you’ll have a chance to win by answering the survey. Answer quickly, with your first response, and you’ll be done in a minute or two.

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Scientific Studies that Support Kids Yoga

These 3 Studies Show how Yoga Improves Stress Management, Spatial Memory, and Body Control in Children

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3 Hard-to-Teach Kids Yoga Poses

Find out what doesn’t work BEFORE you are with the kids. These three poses require more time and energy to teach to kids. Knowing which poses they are can enhance your kids yoga classes.

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Upcoming Courses and Training Dates

Get Certified. Become a Kids Yoga Teacher!
You can take as many Certificates (Modules) as you wish, in any order. Complete all Certificates to get your 95 Hour Certificate with our Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School.

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