To Diana – for 14 Years of Yoga

A teen is doing yoga with a beautiful blue sky in he background

To Diana – for 14 Years of Yoga. For playing yoga games, listening to yoga music, and doing kids meditations on so many four hour drives to Ottawa. For having a yoga birthday party – because you love yoga (picture link)! For posing for countless yoga pictures. See how yoga can become a part of a child’s life with these remarkable results.

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5 Potential Life Saving Summer Safety Tips That Should Not be Ignored

Yesterday I was saddened by some tragic news at the daycare where I teach yoga.  They were grieving three recent deaths in the community. These occurred in two separate incidents outside of the daycare – but all involved drowning. A three year old boy drowned at home when he wandered off and fell in the pool.  He was a student at the daycare. The shock and sadness still lingers in his classroom. The other involved the uncle and cousin of

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