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For When You Have a Few Extra Minutes at the End of a Kids Yoga Class

Have you ever been teaching kids yoga only to find yourself with extra time at the end of the class? Here are three things to fill those last few minutes.

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To Diana – for 14 Years of Yoga

To Diana – for 14 Years of Yoga. For playing yoga games, listening to yoga music, and doing kids meditations on so many four hour drives to Ottawa. For having a yoga birthday party – because you love yoga (picture link)! For posing for countless yoga pictures. See how yoga can become a part of a child’s life with these remarkable results.

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Character Development: Perseverance

Fall seven times, stand up eight. – Japanese Proverb. Perseverance is that that dogged determination to succeed despite setbacks or obstacles. The Yoga Sutras and Niyamas support developing Perseverance to build character for both children and adults.

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5 Potential Life Saving Summer Safety Tips That Should Not be Ignored

Yesterday I was saddened by some tragic news at the daycare where I teach yoga.  They were grieving three recent deaths in the community. These occurred in two separate incidents outside of the daycare – but all involved drowning. A three year old boy drowned at home when he wandered off and fell in the pool.  He was a student at the daycare. The shock and sadness still lingers in his classroom. The other involved the uncle and cousin of

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