Kids Yoga Teacher Training – Pickering 2010

I had my youngest student ever In my last training – a 14 year old!  She fit in wonderfully (I admit I am her biased aunt).  Everyone in the course worked so well together and brought something unique to the course.  Among the small group we had a Montessori teacher, gymnast, Pilates teacher, school teacher, yoga teacher, mothers, daughters, and a babysitter (Diana).  Some playing many of these roles.

Now I don’t want to take all the credit for my awesome niece. Her parents, grandparents, teachers, friends probably helped too.  But I realize Diana has always had yoga in her life and she’s always liked it.  So here’s a little anecdotal evidence as a tribute to prove how Yoga has helped my 14 year old niece become a beautiful young woman and fledgling yoga teacher.

To Diana – for 14 Years of Yoga

  • for the excitement of waiting for you to be born, with the use of a few relaxing yoga breathing techniques (some by your mom – and a lot by me in the hallway!) to help us be more relaxed to welcome this beautiful baby girl into our lives,
  • for playing yoga games, listening to yoga music, and doing kids meditations on so many four hour drives to Ottawa,
  • for having a yoga birthday party – because you love yoga (picture here)!
  • for taking kids yoga classes at studios whenever you could find them because your “yoga aunt” lived too far away to teach you regularly,

    Kids Yoga with My Niece and Nephews (back in 2003)

  • for posing for countless yoga pictures,
  • for winning an award for your grade eight graduation and before your name was announced everyone knew it was you because they called you the girl who brings a smoothie to school every morning (something you got from a girls yoga book.).
  • for being the youngest person to take my kids yoga teacher training (14 years old).  You took it, as you said,”because I like yoga and it may help me connect better with the kids I babysit.”

Thanks to everyone who was at the kids yoga teacher training in Pickering!  It was a wonderful course and everyone had so much to offer.  Including the 14 year old!

For anyone out there who wants to bring yoga to kids – I’ve seen how much it works, not only with Diana, but with so many of the beautiful kids I’ve taught over the years who are now becoming teenagers and adults!  Even a little yoga on a walk or in your living room can plant the seeds for a yogic lifestyle and attitude.

Who else has seen the long-term benefits of yoga on children they know?  Please share your stories in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the comments! Diana is approaching high school with a poise that is reassuring. Although she did tell me she still needed to do some shopping – some things are bigger than yoga when you’re a teenager.

  2. Thanks for helping Diana become the young woman she is! Now that she is starting high school, I can see this is a stressful transition in her life. Her yoga really helps her deal with that stress, even when she is not conscious of it.
    With Diana’s competetive swimming, she gets the physical activity she needs, but the pressure from competition can be surprising. Yoga is such a great balance for that (with many other additional advantages too)! She has encouraged several of her friends in rep soccer to try yoga too and they love it!

    We love you!!!

    Mary (aka Diana’s mom)

  3. What a great post, Kathy. I couldn’t agree more about the awesomeness of Diana!

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. I was so proud of my niece during the course. I think kids yoga really does make a difference in helping kids be confident, calm and focused.

  5. So wonderful!! You’re inspiring so many, Aruna!

  6. What a great blog!! It sounds like you have one terrific niece. It also sounds like she just may be following in her aunt’s footsteps. How inspiring to hear that a 14 year old took a kids yoga teacher training course. That is truly awesome! Thank you so much Aruna for your continued inspiration.
    Sarah B.

  7. Hello Aruna,
    This is your best blog entry ever, not just because I know that what you say is true but that Diana is a treasure and your relationship with her shines. I have seen your connection grow. Your work with all kids is blessed, Aruna. Much continued success to you and all the teachers who passionately learn from you and spread happiness.