Character Development: Cooperation

( In my city, Toronto (Canada), school teachers guide kids on themes of Character Development. I went to the Yoga In My School specialist, Donna Freeman, for some yogic insight about them. Thank you to Donna for this monthly series.) Cooperation is Necessary in Partner Yoga Cooperation:  The Essence of Yoga by Donna Freeman The essence of yoga is cooperation. Yoga, coming from the Sanskrit root yuj, means union, or joining, a coming together of the body, mind and

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Earth Day and The Earth Element

Kids Yoga for Earth Day

Earth Day Kids Yoga Earth Day is April 22, but lets think of everyday to be earth day! In honour of Mother Earth I have three strange and unusual yoga things planned for yoga class today: Earth Yoga: We lie down on the floor and begin jumping all parts of the body like popcorn.  First we lie on our back, then do it again lying on our front.    Both are very grounding as all parts of the body are

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3 Simple Health Tips for Kids Yoga Teachers

Recently I’ve been feeling the excitement, perhaps the over-excitement, of life.  With so many things on the go  I got run down and decided to stop everything for awhile to get back to a healthy state.  My Mentor, Tulshi Sen, always said that when things get overwhelming it’s time to stop everything and re-connect with your hearts desire. These wise words have guided me through some intense times although when I first heard them I didn’t believe I could stop

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