Kids Yoga for Earth Day

Kids Yoga for Earth Day

Earth Day Kids Yoga

Earth Day is April 22, but lets think of everyday to be earth day!

In honour of Mother Earth I have three strange and unusual yoga things planned for yoga class today:

  1. Earth Yoga: We lie down on the floor and begin jumping all parts of the body like popcorn.  First we lie on our back, then do it again lying on our front.    Both are very grounding as all parts of the body are lifted then dropped back down improving circulation.
  2. Sun Salutations: A little talk about the earth element, rooting down, and being grounded as we do the Sun Salutation.  The light of the sun brings the earth to life.  The light within us warms our lives. Yoga helps our inner light to shine in our lives.
  3. Earth is Manifestation: The Earth represents manifestation.  When we relax today we’ll have a daydreaming session about what kind of life you want to manifest.  Unfortunately we don’t have time to draw in these classes (they’re only 30 minutes).  The kids will have to paint a picture in their minds eye.

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Happy Earth Day,

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You’ll be glad you did it!

  1. Aruna,

    Thank you for sharing these great ideas. I agree with the above comment, your comittment is inspirational.

    Congrats on your blog success with the 100 incredible Yoga bloggers!

  2. Love your comittment to Yoga. It really is very relaxing and comforting for kids. I intend to start my daughter on a yoga program.