Christmas present shopping can be hard when you are not quite sure what a person needs.  So today’s blog is a gift list with a twist.  It’s filled with cool things I think anyone bringing yoga to children would want.  Since most of the people reading this newsletter teach children yoga in one way or another, hopefully someone will Google “what to get a kids yoga teacher for the holidays,” or see this article shared on a Facebook page and get a good idea for a gift or a stocking stuffer for you!

colourful christmas image of bells and santa with words what to get a kids yoga teacher for christmas

What to Get a Kids Yoga Teacher for the Holidays?

Meditations for Growing Minds

Meditations for Growing Minds, guided meditations for children to relieve anxiety for healthy, calm children

Sample the Tracks by clicking on the CD Cover

The tracks on Meditations for Growing Minds were created by a Grade 4 school teacher, Nicole, who is also a grad of our 95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

Why you’ll want it: The tracks are creative and empowering for kids.  You can play them in any school without fear of offending anyone.  They are also short enough, around 3 – 5 minutes each, so they work for a 30 minute class. You can get the CD or download it from CD Baby at this link:  New Age Teacher.  Consider signing up for Nicole’s newsletter to get useful insights and ideas from this New Age Teacher!

Yoga Pants for Kids/Toddlers and their Moms

kids yoga pants handmade diaper friendly These Kids Yoga Pants are custom made by another one of our Kids Yoga Teacher grads Marcia.  They are diaper friendly and great for kids on the go!

Why You’ll Want Them:  If you want to do yoga with your little ones at home, these pants are adorable.  However, email Marcia the designer, at her website Yogi Frogz she can make a matching pair for you too!  How cute are mom and tot matching yoga pants!  I also recommend Marcia’s newsletter and local kids and family yoga classes there too.

Zendoway Cubes

The cubes are made of a soft foam so no one will get hurt when they are thrown.

The cubes are made of a soft foam so no one will get hurt when they are thrown.

I received a set of Zendoway Cubes to review and ended up sharing them with Marcia and Nicole because I wasn’t sure if they would work for the toddlers and pre-school kids I teach at a local Montessori School.

Why You’ll Love Them:  Some of the cubes are geared to older kids, but my little yogis have fallen in love with the “I Love Me” cube.  I’ve used it to teach them about affirmations.  They know it feels good when someone says “I love you” and now they know it feels really good to just go ahead and say it to yourself!  They especially like the “I Love Me” dancing and singing on one side of the cube.

The Zendoway Cube is my new favorite prop in my kids class. You can order single cubes or packs of two or more at the Zendoway website.

Yoga Cards

frog yoga alphabet cards for kids yoga teachers

The Frog Yoga Alphabet Flash Cards

Every Kids Yoga Teacher needs a few decks of yoga cards.  There are many versions of yoga cards for kids including our very own Frog Yoga Alphabet cards which we love using for name games, word games, and spelling practice for a test.  Talk about kinesthetic learning!

Yoga workout cards for women and men

Now, I want these Workout Lab cards for my business expansion into Teen and Adult Yoga Teacher Training as an Affiliate of the Ambassador Yoga School (RYS).  Ambassador Yoga helps qualified teachers offer profitable teen (or adult) yoga teacher training.

Why You’ll Love Them:  These Yoga Cards from Workout Labs look great for teens. The Female and Male versions demonstrate a variety of poses. When teens are feeling talkative, you can give them a bunch of cards and get them to put together their own yoga sequence. Find these cards at Workout Labs.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an Affiliate Yoga School and offering your own Yoga Teacher Training to teens or adults, find out more at 

Yoga Alphabet Gifts

Yoga Alphabet Letter Tshirts

Why You’ll Love Them:  If you work with kids, then you know your clothes do not stay clean for long.  When I’m teaching kids yoga I’m often sitting on dirty floors and getting hugged by kids with runny noses. The first thing I do when I get home is change out of my dirty clothes.  I’ve got a collection of yoga T-shirts to wear while teaching for this very reason.

Check out these yoga alphabet items, from A to Z, in on our Cafe Press store. You can get your yoga letter on almost anything you can think of, like t-shirts, water bottles, they even have yoga mats.

Check out the first letter of your name. Other popular letters are: Y – Yoga, R- Relax, and N – Nectar.

There’s still time to order these through Cafe Press and get them delivered for the holidays. Prices of these custom gifts vary depending on what your yoga letter is placed on.

Give an Experience of Yoga

For those who love yoga, gift certificates for a Yoga Experience are a real treat. Find an interesting yoga workshop, class pass, or teacher training, they’ll thank you straight from the heart. Consider also family yoga or kids yoga class passes and add one of the items above. Voila! You’ve got a sweet surprise for Christmas morning. If you’re in Ontario check out this 3 hour workshop:

kundalini yoga workshop with dancing and movement

Kundalini Yoga includes Dancing and Movement

Kundalini Kick Start 2017

A great way to start the year, detox, and consciously set intentions. You can expect a powerful Kundalini Yoga workout and meditations for a healthy kick start to the year.  In this workshop you will use Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to clarify your intentions and set a vision for the year.

  • Saturday January 14, 1 – 4 pm – Grimsby, ON
  • or Sunday January 15, 1:30pm—4:30pm, Toronto, ON

You can save your spot by registering here.

Have Yourself a Yoga Holiday

Gifts are so much more than material objects, they are a way to show we care about the person and we’re thinking of them.

There are still a few weeks till Christmas, so if you are a teacher, do others a favor and let them know what you’d like this year and avoid getting boxes of chocolates and gift cards.

12 people from our kundalini yoga class in Toronto having a Christmas Dinner get together at Buddha's Vegetarian Restaurant in Chinatown

Our Adult Kundalini Yoga Class in Toronto celebrates the Holidays at Buddha’s Vegetarian Restaurant in Chinatown, Toronto

Happy Holidays to You!

Disclosure: I received review samples of some of these products, but all opinions are my own.

If you’ve got something yoga related on your gift list, feel free to share it in the comments. You could make someone’s Christmas shopping that much easier.

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