Children's Yoga Teacher Blows Bubbles and Kids try to pop them with their feet in the kids yoga teacher trainer certification

An Amazing Way to Get Kids’ Attention

It’s amazing how much use you can get out of a 99c bottle of dish detergent.

Picture a classroom full of young students, some eager to move and learn while others remain nervous or disinterested. A kids yoga teacher asks the kids to sit still and close their eyes, and when they are ready, the teacher reveals a bubble wand and soap.

The excitement is audible.

Students are directed to lie down beside each other, and the instructor blows bubbles above them encouraging them to pop as many as they can – with their feet. There isn’t an apathetic student in the room when they learn they’ll all get a try.

This method of getting kids engaged is shown towards the end of this video from the Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Teacher Certification:

While this simple prop introduction may sound insignificant, it promotes a safe and engaging environment while teaching incredibly relevant lessons. When kids pop bubbles by kicking the air, they get moving. More importantly, it prevents them from getting lost in the excitement, chasing after bubbles with minimal regard for their own safety, let alone that of the other kids.

Incorporating Bubbles into Kids Meditation

This activity is also a fantastic prompt for discussion. Think of the associations or lessons which could be learned by analyzing the use of bubbles:

  •  Blowing bubbles requires a relaxed and smooth breath which requires practice and patience.
  • Students may notice how delicate and short-lived the bubbles are. They are present for a brief time, and we appreciate them while they last rather than focusing on the loss. The fragile and temporary nature of bubbles is an easy connection to detachment and the idea of letting go. This makes for an excellent meditation prompt, as students can be encouraged to slow down their thoughts and imagine themselves dismissing a negative idea with each bursting bubble.
  • Students may also be encouraged to visualize themselves filling each bubble with a positive thought and letting these go, too. This is an important practice for avoiding fixation on things, and finding contentment.
  • The simplicity of bubbles permits nearly anyone to easily sketch them, and thought-bubbles or charts are an excellent way to visually keep track of discussion points and ideas.

The opportunities are truly endless.

“I remember teaching at a retreat and giving children a choice of activities, they chose the bubbles. We went outside and spent a half hour blowing bubbles, without any other activity necessary. The adults were in a three hour workshop and so for the last half hour of our time with the kids we blew bubbles. I considered it thirty minutes of deep breathing, and we all felt incredibly relaxed by the end. It was an added bonus that after this activity the children returned to their parents super calm.” 

– Aruna Kathy Humphrys, Lead Trainer, Young Yoga Masters

Nowadays, it is easy to forget that kids enjoy uncomplicated activities too, especially with the accessibility of video games and wide array of complex entertainment; simplicity can be refreshing.

Keeping kids safe and engaged can often be challenging for parents and teachers, yet it benefits all to stay creative with lesson plans and remember that even a small grocery store purchase can have an incredible impact.Young Yoga Masters Teacher Showing Kids Breathing Exercise

Share your fun kids yoga breathing activities in the comments section below.

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  1. Dear Katie, meditation and yoga for kids is just great. We have a very active boy and he always got problems with his “hyper activity” in school and so. Since we do some meditation a week with him and let him come down he is like new person. Quite, harmonized, wow!

  2. Hello Aruna! The newest video describing Young Yoga Masters 95hr children’s yoga teacher training is AWESOME!! The influence of your India trip is evident; we are excited to have you come to New Orleans, Wild Lotus Yoga Sanctuary for your training in July. To all the yogi’s out there come to NEW ORLEANS and come see Aruna and her fabulous children’s yoga teacher training program. So much to LEARN, so much to LOVE about teaching our young yogi’s. Sat Nam, Charlotte

    • Thanks Charlotte!

      New Orleans is a wonderful place to get the 95 Hour Certification and see a great city!