Stroke of Genius: A Meditation

stroke of genius a meditation

  Don’t always have time to meditate? Life and family can require mediation! Why not try this simple meditation that lets you: – maximize your routine with your kids in the mornings and evenings – give your children the gift of meditation – build your child’s confidence and self esteem – enhance your relationship with your children A Good Hair Day! This simple meditation is done while brushing your child’s hair. For each stroke of the brush you make, say

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A Mother’s Wish

  12 Visions of a Mother for Success In a mom’s and tots yoga class I teach, there is a wide range of parenting styles. Some parents are firm and others are flexible, some are like a mentor and others are like a friend. But I see one thing in common with all parents that is best expressed in this beautiful book, A Mother’s Wish by Samahria Ramsen: “It is a wish of every mother to see her child as

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Does Your Class Have the Right Atmosphere?

How to Make the Most of Your Space This week it rained in Toronto so I really appreciated the indoor spaces for yoga and also for kids to play in. It was a great chance to try my classes in a different room and see the difference the space can make. In one pre-school class there are about 10 kids doing yoga in a small space. This is very tricky because kids this age are very physical and like to

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