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The Reality of Classroom Management

Finding the Light When I first started teaching over 10 years ago, I was surprised to realize that one of the most challenging things about children’s classes is managing the group. Now I know that this is a key skill required to work with kids. My teacher always quotes a great Roman, Cicero, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” To teach children takes vigilance. Power Struggles In one class is a little boy who I often find sitting in

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Teaching Pre-Schoolers

Hopping for Joy Someone asked me in an e-mail about tips to teach young kids in daycare. I’ve been teaching in daycare for a number of years and it is a great place to have classes. The kids are already there – so you don’t have to do any registration. Also you have the support of the teachers who can help with classroom management. And it is a way to teach more daytime classes instead of weekends and evening. Plus,

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Standing in the Hallway

Why We Meditate My favorite moments working with children come when students tell me the different ways they have used what they learn in class. One day a seven year old girl told me how she got in trouble at school for talking too much in class. Her teacher, probably frustrated, sent the girl out into the hallway to compose herself. She was allowed to come back in when she was ready to listen and participate. Alone in the hall,

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Getting the Jar Open

  How Beautiful is the Opening “We are containers of Love and our only purpose of life is to love and pour out love.” Tulshi Sen’s Morning Talk: A Story About the Jar of Love Occasionally a class can feel like a struggle. In retrospect, I see I’m like a jar closed tight that I can’t get open to enjoy the good stuff inside it. Nothing can penetrate. My favorite way to teach is to be open with the class.

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The Motif of Your Classes

  Laying the Foundation When it comes to teaching children’s yoga or any type of yoga, and probably any subject, every teacher must draw from the principles of their subject. This is what my teacher calls the motif. Without recognizing the foundations of your yoga, classes will just be exercise classes. There is nothing wrong with exercise classes and they can be very fun and healthy but yoga classes have a foundation in the yoga teachings. Everyone is coming from

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