Why We Meditate
My favorite moments working with children come when students tell me the different ways they have used what they learn in class.

One day a seven year old girl told me how she got in trouble at school for talking too much in class. Her teacher, probably frustrated, sent the girl out into the hallway to compose herself. She was allowed to come back in when she was ready to listen and participate.

Alone in the hall, the girl looked around and had to figure out what to do. She said, “I decided to do what we do at the beginning of yoga class and call on my teacher inside. I said it quietly three times and then I was ready to go back in.”

Getting It
Now this wasn’t an earth shattering experience yet it was a profound example of what it means to “get it.” She had soaked in the teachings and they had permeated her being. She knew that her Teacher Inside would be there for her when she needed it. She knew she could rely on her Inner Wisdom.

“We cannot rely on our Consciousness partially.
We must rely on our Consciousness completely or not at all.”

I learned from this girl to rely on Consciousness, not only in yoga class, but in all the different places, and especially the hallways, I end up in too.

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