Olympic Themed Kids Yoga

Olympic Themed Kids Yoga

Olympic-Themed Kids Yoga

Olympics as a Theme for Kids Yoga Lessons

With the Rio Summer Olympics well underway, we’ve updated old blog posts to help you incorporate the games as a theme in your classes. We hope you find these resources helpful when considering lesson plans, poses, and intentions for kids yoga.


One World, One Dream - Olympic Yoga

One World, One Dream: Olympic Yoga

While yoga is not (yet) an Olympic sport, there are ways to tap into the excitement of the Olympics to enhance your kids yoga classes. Find out how the Olympics can be used as a theme to engage in a discussion of unity, challenges and competition.


Olympic Yoga: Archer Pose

Introducing: Archer Pose

This one pose can be a useful tool to prompt discussion about intention and incorporate the Olympics into lesson plans. Click the link to read more!


Helping Sore Losers by Using the Olympics and Yoga

 How the Olympics and Yoga Can Help Sore Losers

In this post, Aruna shares tips for classroom management based on her experiences leading yoga games and talking about the Olympics with kids.


Have more ideas about how the Olympics can be used as a theme to promote class engagement and discussion? Comment below!


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