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3 Quick Attention-Getters

a boy smiling after doing a downward dog tunner

It’s handy to have a few quick attention-getters for those moments when your yoga class is getting excited, maybe even too excited. I have used many different tricks over the years, I like to change it up to keep it interesting for the kids and myself. So here are 3 of my current favorites. Please share your favorite attention grabber, and for any bloggers reading, share your favorite blog post about getting attention. What do you do to help kids

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Announcing… 2 New Fast, Fun, Professional RCYS Summer Certifications

Kids Yoga Teachers in warrior pose outside at the Kids yoga teacher summer certification intensive rcys

If you are considering getting your Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate, I highly recommend the Summer Certification experience. You’ll immerse yourself in a place where yoga is embraced and life is celebrated. Your spirit will be forever changed.

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When to Throw your Lesson Plan out the Window in Kids Yoga

A picture of a window with the words When to Throw Your Lesson Plan Out the Window in Kids Yoga

You’ve probably been there before. You’ve prepared a fun and inspirational kids yoga class, to find out that it’s probably not going to work. Despite all the Ways Themed Lesson Plans can help in Kids Yoga, there are times I recommend you scrap your lesson plan for something even better! Ditch Your Lesson Plan When a Big Event Happens Perhaps something happened in school and the kids are feeling sensitive to the event. I’ve taught kids yoga through tragedies like

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Upcoming Courses and Training Dates

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You can take as many Certificates (Modules) as you wish, in any order. Complete all Certificates to get your 95 Hour Certificate with our Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School.

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