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Beyond Bones: Kids Yoga Poses and Philosophy From a Skeleton

a boy doing yoga on a pumpkin orange yoga mat

A Skeleton gets kids attention, but the big reason I use a Skeleton in child or adult yoga is to remind me of my beloved teacher and why not to fear death.

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The Dangers of Kids Yoga at Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday, especially for kids, but it can also be a dangerous time in ways you may not expect. Here are a few timely words of wisdom from an experienced yoga teacher to make your Halloween Yoga a little more safe. 3 Dangers of Doing Kids Yoga at Halloween   Kids Doing Yoga in Costumes: all the big frilly princess skirts, the pitchforks and the plastic pumpkins can be a real obstacle to yoga poses. Stretch carefully

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5 Fun Things to do with Stickers in Kids Yoga

Yoga Sticker of a frog doing bow pose and the word Kind under

Here are 5 Fun Things you can do with Yoga Stickers in Kids Yoga. Stickers also make a great treat to combat all the junk food at Halloween.

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