Yoga Man - the Yoga Super Hero

When I was a kid I loved watching the Justice League, the caped crusaders who banded together to fight evil.  It was exciting to see all that power in one room.

Many years later, one of my first yoga students owned a very popular restaurant in downtown Toronto.  She came in one day talking about a new restaurant opening down the street from her. You might think she would be upset about the competition, but she was actually happy. Over the years their location had become known as a “restaurant district.” Great eateries banding together actually helped their bistro businesses boom. It was a lessons on how to be creative rather than competitive.

Banding together isn’t just for Super Heroes and Restaurants

Today I want to tell you about the incredible way Kids Yoga Teachers from around the world are banding together to create something good for all of us.  Here’s how you can be part of it.

Leah Kalish, founder of Move with Me Yoga, is a finalist in the Partnership for a Healthier America – End Childhood Obesity Innovation Challenge.  She is now 1 of 10 finalists vying for the top three spots, to win prizes that include a lot of exposure for kids’ yoga!  If we all band together to get votes we can put her into the top three.

It’s just great in so many ways. You help children because:

“Pre-schoolers who are overweight or obese are five times more likely to stay that way.  Pre-school is the key time to instill healthy physical activity and self-regulation habits that will last a lifetime.”

–          Leah Kalish, Move with Me

It’s also great because you can:

Win One of 65+ Prizes from the Kids Yoga Community

Equally inspiring to me, is the support the Kids Yoga Community is showing. To get people to vote, over 65 kids yoga prizes have been donated by Children’s Yoga Leaders from around the world.  These include Young Yoga Masters prizes:

  • The Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack
  • Yoga Man vs. The Stressor, Yoga for Boys Teacher Training

    The Frog Yoga Alphabet - one of the prizes to be won.

Here’s how you can band together to promote kids yoga.  Then if you want, enter yourself for the draw for some great prizes:

  1. Vote now for Move with Me Yoga in the Innovation Challenge Contest here.
  2. Then Enter the Raffle here for a chance to win one of the 65+ Prizes (see the full prize list here too).
  3. Tell your friends and get more entries for the 65+ Prizes here.

If You Believe Yoga Can Help End Childhood Obesity – Vote Now

Not only will you be helping a wonderful kids’ yoga teacher, you’ll be helping to get kids yoga recognized as an innovative way to end childhood obesity.  Which in turn adds credibility to all the kids’ yoga teachers of the world.

Do what you can to help. I’d love to see a Young Yoga Masters blog reader walk home with some sweet yoga for children loot.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or any problems filling in the info.

Yours truly,

Aruna Kathy Humphrys

P.S.  At the time of this post Move with me had slipped to 4th place in the voting (5 votes behind the important 3rd place spot).  We need your help to get to 3rd or 2nd place.  Get kids healthy and get kids yoga recognized too! Vote now.

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You’ll be glad you did it!

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  1. Hello,

    What a great way to promote the benefits of yoga for children. It would be wonderful to see something like this in the UK.
    Good luck.


    Mel Campbell