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5 Benefits of Kids Yoga

Yoga is Playful and Helps Kids in So Many Ways Guest Post by Susan White (Note from Aruna:  This week I’ve been attending to some family matters as well as my yoga classes and Teacher Training so I hope you enjoy this guest post, which may be especially useful for those marketing their kids yoga classes. I’ll be back next week with some new stories and games.) This post is written by Susan White, who writes on the topic of

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Character Development: Teamwork

( In my city, Toronto (Canada), school teachers have been given a monthly theme to teach in the classroom. The Toronto District School Board calls it Character Development. I went to the Yoga In My School specialist – Donna Freeman for some insight into the monthly themes. Thanks to Donna for this monthly series on Character Development.) Teamwork In Partner Yoga Teamwork the Ultimate Aim of Yoga By Donna Freeman The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj

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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

This photo was from my last kids yoga teacher training course – can you believe it was 4 months ago!  That was a fun class – each group is a different mix, but I don’t think I’ve ever taught a training with so many yoga teachers in it.  In this class we went deeply into what to do when you get in front of the kids. Some of the trainings have more daycare teachers or school teachers and parents.  These

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Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to in 2010

Resolutions:  Do they Help us Stay on Track? I had a very quiet day yesterday – the first day of 2010.   Did you? All the Holiday hustle and bustle had waned in our home.  I was happy to spend a day snuggled up watching the snow fall outside and just BE.   A long meditation, a lot of journal writing, and top it off with a good meal – the day couldn’t have been better. But I’m the type who doesn’t

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