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Kids and Anxiety: What is Thought? (Part One)

Picture by GangaSunshine Worm, Fly, & Bee Thinking Audio Story Below with Tulshi Sen As all of us who work with children know – stress and anxiety are not only for those with bills to pay and families to feed. Anxiety and Acting Out in Class Last week in my kids’ yoga class one of the boys was acting unusually defiant. He was acting out and not following the rules to the point where he ended up crashing into one

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Child Development Resources for Kids (Contest)

Hello All, I’m getting ready for this weekend’s Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course. There are places available if you’d like to join us and I’ve extended the early registration deal. Plus, spring is one of the best times to visit Toronto, Canada, and the weather will be great. Here’s the info. So this week rather than an article I’ll point out a resource that I’ve found very helpful called: E-Beanstalk – Planting the Seeds that Help Children Grow Every Kids’

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Did the Hare Bully the Tortoise?

Unwitting Wisdom: An Anthology Of Aesop’s Fables (click on this link to look inside the book) Last week in my kids yoga class, I read the story Steady and Slow from this book of Aesop’s Fables. The story has been told many ways, but a few things remain consistent no matter where you hear it: The hare is chock full of confidence to the point of bragging all the time and annoying not only the tortoise, for being slow, but

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DVD Giveaway Contest – Yoga For Everyone with Hemalayaa

Win a Free DVD Contest Yoga for Everyone – with Hemalayaa Dear Friends and Readers, We’ve been taking on some tough Kids Yoga Teaching questions so why not lighten the mood a bit! One of the best ways to teach kids or anyone else is by keeping up with your own yoga and meditation practice. Whether it’s taking a course to upgrade your skills or joining your community for an event – we’ve got to help ourselves if we want

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