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Develop Your Teaching Style and Enjoy the Consequences

Aruna with her kids yoga class in 2003 This post about the noise level in a kids yoga class has really touched on an important topic. As we develop our style as a teacher we will also develop our own guidelines for what is acceptable and what is not in our classes. When we go out and teach, not everyone will like those guidelines!  We also decide which of our guidelines we are willing to change and when to move

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Isn’t Yoga Supposed to be Quiet?

Kids in a school-age class. This week at one of the daycares where I teach a new teacher got to experience kids’ yoga for the first time.   It was her first week as a teacher at the daycare and her first time seeing kids do yoga. Plus she does yoga herself. She was very excited and joined us in the circle with the kids (about 18 children aged 18 months to 4 years) for the yoga class. It kind

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Kids Need a Place to be Creative

Creative Movement in Yoga Class This week’s story about teaching kids yoga is from a 30 minute daycare class I teach to a junior school-age group (ages 5 – 7 years old).  This class has an even mix of boys and girls. A few of the children also play other sports and are very active and there are a few children who don’t exercise much.  So it’s a typical school class nowadays. Kids Yoga Teachers Get to Know the Personality

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Yoga for Boys – Does Bribery Work or is it Silly?

Making a Silly Face in Yoga (2002) Last week began another 9 week Kids Yoga Series at the community centre. One of the women in my adult yoga class had told/warned me she was going to register her son for the series. He’s a seven year old, full of energy, and terribly interested in video games, guns, and battles. In fact, she admitted to using bribery to get him to come. He doesn’t have to do homework on yoga days.

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Hey – I Inspire!

Just a quick post about a recent article about the Teaching Kids Yoga blog at Canadian Living Magazine on-line: 5 Canadian Health and Fitness Blogs that Inspire Get on track with advice from these great blogs. Hope you enjoy it! Aruna Kathy Humphrys © K. Humphrys

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