Yoga Certification – Who Can Teach Kids Yoga?

yoga certification who can teach kids yoga?

Continuing on the questions that came in around getting certified as a kids yoga teacher. When it comes to getting certified to teach kids yoga the ideal would be to have Yoga Teacher certification. I could write pages on what this means and there are many commentaries on what this means so I’ll keep my opinions about it as brief, well – as brief as possible. We’re in a new era. The thousand year old tradition of Yoga used to

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Questions from Readers About Becoming a Kids Yoga Teacher

question from readers about becoming a kids yoga teacher

These two questions came in from readers about certification for teaching kids yoga: Hello, I am wanting to know the best yoga courses to do to learn to teach Children and adolescents. I have already done over 300 hours of a full-time advanced diploma in yoga teaching here in Australia, but would love to bring yoga into schools in the future. I would appreciate your advice. I like the idea of combing yoga with art, music, story telling and thinks

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Can Kids Handle the News?

can kids handle the news

An Emergency Landing in New York’s Hudson River – NY Times I can barely handle the news – so why talk about the news with kids?   But last Friday everyone was talking about the miracle landing of the Plane in the Hudson River. At the daycare the teacher had the newspaper pictures spread across the table talking to a parent. We were all amazed by the story. Maybe because it was so nice to see a story with a

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Freaked Out the Yoga Class

the itsy bitsy spider freaked out the yoga class

The Group Mindset There must be a technical term for the group mindset that develops with people of any age. In kids classes, usually a few kids will test the limits to see what is allowed. The rest of the kids watch and see and what’s allowed before joining in. If the classroom limits are not established early, you can have a whole group of kids acting out in the same way very quickly. Like what happened in the question

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Very Rambunctious Classrooms

very rambunctious classrooms

Handling a Rambunctious Kids Yoga Classroom Hi Aruna, I am devoted to your blog and have received many wonderful tips and ideas from you. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with the public. I have just started to teach children yoga this year and am having a wonderful time and have been learning a lot along the way. I have a question. I see that each of my classes has a different energy depending on the place, age

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