In our Branching Out training we talk about all the ways to get new yoga classes to teach. The follow up to this conversation is maintaining balance once you achieve your goals.

Over the years I’ve seen many yoga teachers get burnt out, and I’ve come close to throwing in the towel myself. All the reasons that motivate you to become a teacher get consumed by all the hours it takes to run a business and a life.

Not only are you balancing work, family, and other obligations, you’re preparing lesson plans, traveling all over, teaching classes, marketing your business, following up with clients, and planning for the next event.  I mean, I’ve given up on trying to keep my email inbox below 1000 emails.

Our times are such that it looks easy to do it all.

On Facebook and other Social Media, everyone is posting their accomplishments; it can make you feel like a slacker. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be doing all these cool things?

The dirty secret is, a lot of the teachers showing others how to be calm and blissful are experiencing their own burnout.

For me, my practice gets bumped by all the other work. I don’t do yoga, start drinking tea by the pot, and relax by watching TV. I start feeling lumpy and tired. Now, as I near my 50th birthday, I can’t get away with this the way I used to, my body does not bounce back the way it used to.

One teacher told me how she recently sold her yoga business. When she started working at another yoga studio she realized she had been doing the job of 5 people!

So to keep your sanity, health, and entrepreneurial freedom, and to wash away that dirty secret you may be hiding, consider these ways to keep things in check:

Kundalini Yoga in Toronto Ontario

Doing Yoga is very different from Teaching Yoga – How do you Keep Up with Your Own Practice?

Yoga and Meditation:

As a Yoga Teacher, you know that yoga and meditation are amazing. They help you quiet your mind, find stillness, connect to your body, be present, and speak to your higher self. You also know you need to practice often and regularly. Here’s the catch, if your personal practice is failing, I think it’s time to find another teacher to help you re-boot. Just go to any class, even if you don’t connect with a teacher you’ll remember what you do like, and awaken your own practice.

Eat Healthy:

Food is your body’s source of energy. When you eat a balanced diet of healthy, nutrient-dense foods, you have more vitality. You also manage daily stresses better. Choose to eat natural, whole foods, and plenty of fruits and vegetables to feel energized and make sure you’re also drinking water.

best yoga retreat in Ontario

This is the trail at the Yoga Retreat in April – it’s beautiful!

Reconnect to Nature:

Being in nature can have a significant affect on your wellbeing. The clean air helps you feel refreshed. Being close to the earth helps you feel grounded. Being surrounded by creation helps you feel connected to life. Taking a walk in nature is like taking a shower in green energy, you will feel renewed.

My two dear friends, Nirmal and Daya. We do the retreats together to make the load easier for all of us.

My two dear friends, Nirmal and Daya. We do retreats together to make the load easier for all of us.

Connect with Others:

You feel joy when you are with other like-minded, joyful people. Your feelings of connection make you feel good, and helps others feel good. Surround yourself with positive people and you will cope with life’s daily challenges better and improve your health and happiness. If you don’t have any other friends who are running their own yoga businesses, find connections at workshops, retreats, or online. Create a circle of support to share resources, ideas, and perspective.

Take Time Out:

You’re busy doing things. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take time to be present. Whether it’s taking an afternoon away from your daily routines to connect with yourself, or taking a weekend off to get away from your busy life, set an intention to take time out to recharge.

My meditation teacher would say if you start feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to stop everything. It may seem counter-intuitive, but I have found stopping it all is the only way to figure out the right next step.

At Young Yoga Masters, I’ve teamed up with two of my favorite Kundalini Yoga teachers (see the picture above) to offer adult workshops and retreats. I did it so that I could attend their classes while I’m away in nature. It’s become a sanctuary from my office!

I invite you to join us for a weekend where you will be able to take time out to meditate, eat healthy foods, listen to music, reconnect to nature and connect with others.

After the weekend, you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and revitalized.

For more information on our upcoming yoga events check out:

kundalini summer yoga retreat August 2015 in Hockley Valley, Ontario with special concert Saturday night

Kundalini Yoga Summer Getaway Yoga Retreat

August 7 – 9, 2015 – Hockley Valley, Ontario, Canada

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Details Here

If you can’t make it to one of these events, please, for your own sanity and health, find something near you.

As the saying goes, if the airplane is going down, put the oxygen on yourself before you try to put it on someone else!

Let’s give ourselves much deserved oxygen a long time before the plane gets into trouble.

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You’ll be glad you did it!

  1. Great article Aruna, Can you come teach a class at my studio so I can attend????

    • Sounds great Claire. Your studio in Grimsby, ON is an oasis of peace! I love going there every chance I get.