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Frog Yoga Alphabet Free: You Don’t Have to Be in Toronto to Get this Special Deal

I’m at the Toronto Yoga Show all weekend where I’ve already had the joy of meeting many readers of this blog in person. Thanks to everyone who’s dropped by to say hello and to see Yoga Man and Frog Yoga Alphabet. To those not able to make it to Toronto this weekend for the Yoga Show I wanted to offer the Yoga Show special to all my readers. I’ll be doing a full Frog Yoga Alphabet launch in the coming

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Buy One Get One Free: Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers

For the last few weeks I’ve been up to my eyeballs in Kids Yoga getting ready for my booth at the Yoga Show. So I thought I’ll shed some light on the less glamorous side of teaching yoga, the business side, with these marketing strategies. They’ve helped me get focused for the yoga show. I hope they help you reach more people with your yoga too! Plus a preview of our Buy One Get One FREE special coming next weekend.

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Kids’ Brains On Yoga

Psychologists, doctors and neuroscientists have discovered when children are not engaged with good learning activities, especially in their earliest years, brain development suffers. While adults might damage their brains by what they do, such as using drugs and intoxicants, kids’ brains can be damaged by what they don’t do. It turns out talking, moving, and playing are all vital activities that help develop kids’ brains.

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