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Good-bye Sophia, We’ll Always have Pre-School

For a Teacher, Each Kid Eventually Moves On The last week had a lot of goodbye’s. It started with moving and saying a joyful goodbye to a phase of my life stuffed into a tiny apartment with my husband and our two home businesses. For a while that little apartment was kinda romantic. His desk took up the dining room and mine was wedged into the hallway. The sound of our computer keys tinkled like a love song. Discovering the

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Kids and Anxiety: What is Thought? (Part Two)

A Bee only Drinks the Nectar of Flowers Are you a bee thinker?   Hello everyone – well I’m in the middle of a pile of cardboard boxes, dollies, and carts. Yes, I’m moving and it’s been exciting to be going to a bigger place but also takes focus. So rather than delay – here’s a short post with a great audio from Tulshi Sen. By the way, do you remember the little boy in my yoga class who was

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