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Turning Negatives Into Positives


  Yes, all of these come from experience and I’ve addressed them in all kinds of creative ways. If you see yourself in any of these, I have one suggestion to help you become a great teaching assistant: READ THESE AND DO THE OPPOSITE! I want to be positive but I have my pet peeves and often they involve the teachers assisting in my Kids Yoga classes. I’ve vented with a friend, who is also an experienced daycare manager, and

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What is the Best Class Size for Your Young Yoga Masters?


To get a reference point for a good kids yoga class size look at what daycares are required to do. If you Google the daycare ratios for your region or city you’ll find some standards. Here in Toronto, Canada the children to teacher ratio for daycares is pre-set. In a preschool (2.5 – 5 years) class it is 8 children to 1 staff. The school age (6 – 12 years) ratio is 15 kids to 1 staff. It is usually

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Great Games for a New Kids Yoga Class

Great Games for a New Kids Yoga Class

This question came in from a reader: Any advice on teaching yoga to a large group of kids, 21 to be exact, with ages ranging from pre-school to 5th grade? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! This is a great question because as a teacher there are a lot of challenges in a class like the one described. It’s a large group – 21 kids. But then on top of that you’ve got a huge age range. We’re talking pre-school ages

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Are You Ready to Teach Kids?

How to Tell if You are Ready to Teach Kids If you are wondering if you are ready to teach kids yoga here’s a quick test. Does the thought of going in front of a class of 20 kids to do yoga make your mouth dry, your hands shake, and your head spin? Are you wondering what you should do? Or are you looking out at the kids, reading their reactions and deciding what they need? My teacher always says

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Kids Yoga Teacher Certification – Finding The Best Training & Hiring the Best Teacher

Registered Childrens Yoga School Kids Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance in Nanaimo British Columbia

What does it mean to be a Certified Teacher? This post goes out to all those who are interested in becoming kids yoga teachers and also those who are looking for a kids yoga teacher. Both should remember: If you are wondering what to look for in a good course or teacher, start by looking at their reputation. Just Because It’s Called Yoga Doesn’t Mean It Is Here’s a little story that explains why: Every year at the Yoga Show

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Upcoming Courses and Training Dates

Get Certified. Become a Kids Yoga Teacher!
You can take as many Certificates (Modules) as you wish, in any order. Complete all Certificates to get your 95 Hour Certificate with our Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School.

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