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5 Ways to Be a Terrible Assistant when the Yoga Teacher Visits Your Classroom

Also Known as Childcare 101 I want to be positive but I have my pet peeves and often they involve the teachers assisting in my Kids Yoga classes. I’ve vented with a friend, who is also an experienced daycare manager, and she rolled her eyes and said – “Hello, this is childcare 101.” Which is strange because most of these teachers would have graduated from childcare 101. Let’s consider this a refresher course. When it comes to using or being

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Listening Builds Trust and Connection

To digress from my latest subject on teaching large classes (I will get back to it), did anyone see Obama’s speech to Congress? I have to admit, I’m hooked on Obama! I love to watch him as a public speaker, see how he moves, what words he uses to create a picture, and also how much he pauses in his speeches to let those words sink in. As a kids’ teacher, Obama is worth learning from. When he addressed congress

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Class Size: What’s a good size for Yoga Class?

Aruna with her Studio Yoga Class – 2002 To get a reference point for a good kids yoga class size look at what daycares are required to do. If you Google the daycare ratios for your region or city you’ll find some standards. Here in Toronto, Canada the children to teacher ratio for daycares is pre-set. In a preschool (2.5 – 5 years) class it is 8 children to 1 staff. The school age (6 – 12 years) ratio is

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Great Games for a New Kids Yoga Class

This question came in from a reader: Any advice on teaching yoga to a large group of kids, 21 to be exact, with ages ranging from pre-school to 5th grade? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Unfortunately I’ve lost track of who sent in this question so please leave a comment if it was you – especially with an update. This is a great question because as a teacher there are a lot of challenges in a class like the one

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Are You Ready to Teach Kids?

How to Tell if You are Ready to Teach KidsIf you are wondering if you are ready to teach kids yoga here’s a quick test. Does the thought of going in front of a class of 20 kids to do yoga make your mouth dry, your hands shake, and your head spin? Are you wondering what you should do? Or are you looking out at the kids, reading their reactions and deciding what they need? My teacher always says we

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