With Mother’s Day nearing, here are 3 quick tools to make your day special.

1. Free Printable Mothers Day Kids Yoga Tool

It made me so very happy to see this post on Instagram of our Free Mother’s Day Acrostic Poem Printable.  You can get it here as well as a lesson plan for a Mother/Child yoga class!

Thanks to theHappyLotus for tagging me.  It is well worth it to follow theHappyLotus for kids yoga inspiration.  And while you are there, feel free to follow Young Yoga Masters on Instagram too!

a free printable of a Mothers day acrostic poem with yoga poses beside each letter of the word Mother.

2. Mindfulness for Mothers – Techniques for When you Lose your Cool

Whether you have a mother or you have kids, somehow families can push your buttons at times!

This video will give you a head start on keeping your cool and help you NOT explode at a family get together.


3. Mindfulness for Children

A short video from our last teacher training weekend!  I’m so proud of our graduates for an amazing practicum class with the children.  I recommend a circle of kindness for Mother’s Day where you talk about how to be kind to others and how to be kind to yourself as well.  Kids know what to do!  Watch and see:



Whether you are celebrating with family, remembering a loved one, or creating your own way to nurture yourself,

Have a beautiful Mother’s Day.

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