Is it just me, or does it seem that the older we get the more we appreciate mom?

My mom is now in her 70’s and when I look at her I see her through all her ages, all her love and caring, all the discipline and lessons, all her mom-ness.  No one else is like her and no one ever will be. Being Mother is a sacred title, especially for a daughter or son.

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to honour these ladies in some big or small way, and here are some ideas and a Free Printable that just may help.

Acrostic Poems and Yoga

mom acrostic poem for kids yoga classRemember Acrostic Poems? You write a word or phrase for each letter of your theme word. Here’s an example for MOM.

The printable below has both yoga poses and a space for an Acrostic poem for Mother.  These poems are easy to do, perfect for relaxing during the last 10 minutes of an hour long kids yoga class. In fact you can do them anytime with any word you want to use as a theme. Here are a few examples: Mother, Father, Summer, Gratitude.

Lesson Plan for a Mother Child Yoga Class

You can use this printable for a your lesson plan in a few ways:

  • The first five yoga poses are a great warm up on their own,
  • Each pose can also become partner yoga, facing back to back, holding hands and hopping, just having fun coordinating the movement together.
  • Partners can use their imagination and put two poses together. Think: a tree under the moonlight or leapfrog hop over an elephant! Give yourselves time to be creative.
  • Or do your own lesson plan and let folks take the printable home to do.

Here’s what it looks like and you may find this PDF easier to print: Mothers Day Yoga Printable Young Yoga Masters.

Mothers day yoga printable mother daughter yoga for children write an acrostic poem for mother and do the yoga poses on the handout inlcuding: half moon pose, tree pose, triangle pose, frog pose, elephant pose (standing forward bend), and relaxation

What Mother’s Day Yoga plans did you make? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Wishing a Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers of the world!


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