3 Olympic Themed Kids Yoga Ideas

3 Olympic Themed Kids Yoga Ideas

Olympic Themes for Kids YogaThe weather today in Canada is cold and snowy, perfect for getting cozy in front of the TV to watch the Olympic Games. This morning I was up early to watch the women’s moguls competition.  One Canadian athlete made it to the podium and one lost control on her run and went out of bounds and did not finish the race.

In post-event interviews, the medalist described persevering through challenges with sickness in her family and her sister getting cut from the Olympic team.When she got to her last run she said she let all that go and claimed the moment as her moment to shine. She got the silver medal.

The other athlete was in contention for a gold medal but experienced an agonizing defeat.  She fought back tears as she shared how difficult it was to lose her standing, but she had to accept there is nothing she can do to change it now, she will hold her head high and move forward.

I like watching these athlete’s courage, the strength it takes to put yourself on the world stage. The victory is euphoric, but most athletes at the Olympics compete for a personal best, knowing they will likely never land on the podium.  There is always the risk that you will experience a “personal worst” moment, and you must be willing to take that risk.

While I’ve certainly never participated in the Olympics, I know the courage, dedication, and commitment it takes to put yourself out there. Just teaching a yoga class was difficult at first, then moving to part-tine business, and eventually to a full-time career in yoga. As a trainer, I see new teaches work through their nervousness in their first kids yoga classes too.

We all “go to the Olympics” in our own way, which is why it makes a great theme for kids yoga classes.

Consider sharing the sports ideas and also the difficult parts of competing and dealing with winning and losing.  Here are three ideas ways the Olympics theme can be used in your kids yoga classes this week.

3 Olympic Themed Kids Yoga Ideas

1. How the Olympics Can Help Sore Losers

What if kids don’t want to even risk playing a game because they don’t want to lose?

Helping Sore Losers by Using the Olympics and Yoga

Click the image to read the full article.

2. Olympic Yoga and Valentine’s Day

Building a pyramid to talk about the foundation of doing your best as an athlete or whatever you strive to do.  Lots of winter Olympic pose ideas here!

three kids make a pyramid like the podium of the Olympics and discuss the founations of success

Try mini pyramids like a Podium for an Olympic Valentine’s Day theme, the top can be either kneeling or standing. Make sure you have mats or a spotter.

3. Olympic Games that Build Concentration and Focus

More yoga poses for the Olympics and how your lesson plan can be adjusted to suit for different age groups.

family yoga, families doing a rowing arms pose that can be used in an Olympic themed lesson plan

Rowing Arms in a Family Yoga Class. Rowing can be adapted for different settings and age groups.


Sometimes when you start teaching kids in September, it can be difficult to find new ideas and lesson plans for the end of the year. Let’s get inspired by the spirit of the Games and the universal drive to reach for our own personal best, and give kids a gold medal yoga class.

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