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Get Kids Active with Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks are a Kid’s Favorite Thanks to everyone who has been sending in questions! Here’s part one of a question that came in from a yogi in Toronto who’s just starting teaching kids: I was teaching an age 7 – 12 age group at a daycare and I had this one boy (who will never engage with me — have taught him 3 times now), who ended up sitting on his mat the whole time through the entire class.

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Teaching Yoga Your Way

“Leadership begins in Toddler-hood!” – Tulshi Sen, author of Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World I have a confession to make. In my first attempt to teach other adults about kids yoga, about seven years ago, I basically compiled a bunch of kids yoga ideas that I learned from other people’s books, DVD’s, and workshops. I took things from the daycare that I worked in too. These things definitely worked with kids. The classes were fun and the training

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Kids Pick their Favorite Yoga Poses

Mountain Pose a Surprising Favorite for Boys One of my favorite activities for the last class of a kids’ yoga series is to have a “Yoga Party.” It’s a great way to review all the fun yoga we’ve done through the session. Children like to show you what they know. I often hear, “look at me,” “look at this,” “Can I show you something.” Kid’s want to be recognized just like we all do. A Yoga Party is a great

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President Obama on Kid’s Education and Setting Goals

“I’m calling on each of you to set goals for yourselves.” US President Obama to students on the first day of school. photo from CNN How did you think the President of the United States did today in his speech to school children? Obama used a lot of great techniques that can be useful to teachers. He gave concrete examples of kids who over came obstacles, he told a personal story about his own upbringing so we trusted him a

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One Creative Way to Stir the Imagination

Join the Fun: Adults with Tickets are Welcome to Ride After 10 years running my own yoga business and teaching kids yoga, I have discovered a powerful way of keeping creativity flowing. I use it when I develop a new curriculum or write a blog post. Without stirring my imagination I can’t get excited about my business. Creativity and Imagination are essential for a successful business and also for my own happiness and satisfaction with life. Yet, sometimes we feel

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