How to Start Your Own Profitable Yoga Business

Skyline of Toronto Location of the Yoga Pilates Conference, April 2 – 4/09 Have You Dreamed of Quiting Your Day Job? I Did! I started taking yoga classes when I just couldn’t take my job anymore. I was dreaming of a way to relax and unwind from all the pressures or work. At first I tried to find relieve by taking aerobics and step classes (that was what I was used to) but I just couldn’t stand the music and

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Are You a Positron or a Negatron?


Does Your Vibration Make you a Positron or a Negatron? I had a great time at the Kundalini Yoga workshop with one of my favorite singers – Mata Mandir Singh. The Saturday workshop on Naad Yoga was powerful. Naad – the sound current is what we are all made of, this is what Quantum Physics proved. We are not as solid as we may feel we are! The Big Bang Theory of Creation Then the scientist came up with the

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March Break Kids Yoga

The Dead Body Test in Corpse Pose Take Yoga From March Break To Summer In Toronto, Canada, where I live, we’re getting close to March break where kids and teachers get the week off school. It’s a one week break and then everyone comes back for another ten or twelve weeks until summer holidays when school closes for most of June, and all of July and August. During March Break school closes down and the daycares get busy. I often

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