Does Your Vibration Make you a Positron or a Negatron?

I had a great time at the Kundalini Yoga workshop with one of my favorite singers – Mata Mandir Singh. The Saturday workshop on Naad Yoga was powerful. Naad – the sound current is what we are all made of, this is what Quantum Physics proved. We are not as solid as we may feel we are!

The Big Bang Theory of Creation

Then the scientist came up with the Big Bang Theory that the universe was created with a …. big bang. The yogis say this big bang was the sound current Ong/Om the sound of creation.

To simplify, creation comes from the vibration we are holding – like attracts like. I find it amazing how these same concepts are explained in slightly different ways depending on if you’re a scientist (Big Bang Theory), philosopher (as the microcosm so the macrocosm), religion (I and my Father are One/We are One), or yogi (chant/meditate and merge with the essence of the chant)!

Who You Are is Not Only What You Say

This is so useful to remember as a yoga teacher and especially a kids yoga teacher. We are communicating and creating an experience not only with what we say but with who we are.

This Monday as we finished the Kids Yoga Teacher Training we had a bit of time to discuss our challenges and goals as teachers. People were struggling teaching kids, in classes and/or with their own kids, kids who don’t really give two hoots about yoga.

What do we say to them? How do we get them to understand the life-changing gift that yoga is?

Finding the Magic Words

I found myself wishing I could give everyone the Magic Words that would make all the children understand what yoga is. The truth is, the only Magic Words to share are the ones that we believe ourselves.

What is our Naad, our vibration?

I’ve been there myself, I remember feeling so frustrated leaving many yoga classes when I first started teaching. I thought, Why don’t they get it? What my vibration was saying was: You’re gonna do what I say. Your gonna be amazed by what I know and what you don’t know.I know better. It all comes across as Negatron (see picture above) to someone who doesn’t agree.

Connecting to the essence of why we like yoga

When we first started doing yoga there were many challenges that we learned to love, right? Backbends, forward bends, balancing challenges – we grew to love them. Teaching kids is the next challenge. Don’t give up on it! We know what happens when we give up – it starts to become a habit. I don’t want to tell everyone what to be, but there are certain principles that you can meditate on that will help shift your vibration. The most important is Freedom.

What Are We Saying Without Words?

  • Are we doing yoga because we have to do it or because we want to do it?
  • Are we doing yoga because you’re telling us its good for us or because we want to do it?
  • Are we doing yoga because it’s a fun way to express ourselves and we want to do it?

Some of these examples create disharmony in the vibrations coming together. Some create harmony. This creates the Big Bang of creation in your yoga class. The sound may hurt your ears or be music to it.

No matter where you are at (and I’ve had some really tough kids classes and eventually come out the other side) you can create a good vibration – that is the promise of Yoga. Then you can leave feeling like Positron and not Negatron.

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