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Have You Dreamed of Quiting Your Day Job? I Did!
I started taking yoga classes when I just couldn’t take my job anymore. I was dreaming of a way to relax and unwind from all the pressures or work. At first I tried to find relieve by taking aerobics and step classes (that was what I was used to) but I just couldn’t stand the music and the teacher yelling in the classes.

Then a friend told me about the yoga class. I was hooked the first class when I experienced true relaxation at the end of it. (Thanks to Simran Singh Khalsa my first yoga teacher!)

After a few years taking classes, I started to fantasize about how great it would be to never go back to my job and become a yoga teacher. It’s almost 15 years later and I’ve been teaching yoga full-time for about 10 years.

Fantasies are Fantastic!
Now this true story may not seem that amazing, but when I look back on it what surprises me is how much Visioning I was doing about the changes I wanted to make in my life – before they happened. All those fantasies and day dreams I had without even realizing I was doing it, turned into my life.

After years of yoga getting my physical body in shape, I started to wonder about what more I could do with all this good health and positive attitude. That was when I met Tulshi Sen. You know the old saying: when the student is ready the teacher (whether it is a person, a book, or an incident) appears. That’s how it went.

How to Vision and Manifest the Vision
With Tulshi Sen, I began to study the process of Visioning and Manifesting Your Vision. I had never learned about this in yoga class or even the many retreats I went to. Yet it was the key to going forward with my yoga business.

As it says in Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World (p. 141) by Tulshi Sen,


“The question is do we control our Visions
or do the Visions which we hold control our life?
Can we Vision what we want to Vision?
Each Vision that we hold
makes us what we are. If we consciously choose
the Vision of what we want to be, do, and have,
then we take control of our life and our destiny.”

To consciously choose the Vision of where you want to go in your life is true bliss. We often feel we can only realistically Vision certain things. Tulshi Sen taught me how to break those limitations and start to Vision beyond my small thinking. It has made life much more enjoyable!

This year I visioned Tulshi Sen leading the Business development training at the Yoga Show in Toronto. Guess what! He is giving a lecture: How to Start Your Own Profitable Yoga Pilates Business.

I feel so excited for all the people who will get to meet Mr. Sen and be inspired for the first time! I think they just may leave with a mind full of exciting new business possibilities swimming through their brains.

Have you Stretched your Business Muscles Lately?
In some of the other yoga teacher’s blogs I read, I see how challenging it is to keep going as a teacher. It feels tempting to throw in the towel when we are stretching our business muscles! Running a profitable business may be the hardest position we manage to achieve. But it can be done with patience, concentration, and a lot of entering into the unknown. All the qualities we develop in yoga.

If you are able to get to Toronto this weekend for the lecture and to meet Tulshi Sen, I suggest you take the opportunity. If not, you can get the foundation in the book Ancient Secrets of Success or listen to these free lectures on-line, like Meditation for Manifestation, to develop your mental muscles. Keep posted for news on a short tele-seminar course Mr. Sen will be offering at the Yoga Show. I’ll let you know about it if it is open to the public.

Until then, keep dreaming and visioning what you want. Consciously choose your Destiny!

Aruna Humphrys
P.S. Anyone coming to the Yoga Show – I’ll be at the Kundalini Yoga booth on Friday from 4 – 6 pm and at the Tulshi Sen booth on Saturday & Sunday. Be sure to come by and say hello!

Aruna Kathy Humphrys
© K. Humphrys

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