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Sitting Under the Wish Fulfilling Tree

Ancient Secrets/Modern TermsWith all the talk about The Secret, the Law of Attraction, Oprah’s book club and everything else, I’m reminded of an Ancient Story that my teacher told me that basically says the same thing. I tell it in my children’s yoga classes regularly. It’s the story of The Wish Fulfilling Tree which explains How to Guard the Self-Sabotaging Mind. In brief, the story tells of a poor farmer who sits under a tree for shade only to discover

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Oneness: Serious or Fun?

What is YOUR Inner Teacher Like? One of the reason’s I love teaching children yoga is to see the way kids understand the great notions we ponder in meditation, especially compared to adults. For instance we’ll talk about the idea of Intuition – the inner teacher, the wisdom within. Both adults and children love this but when adults hear about it they get all profound and deep about connecting with their teacher inside, they take it really seriously. When I

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Does Your Pain and Fear Bury You or Insire You?

I’m still asking myself this question: Why do I do the things I do? (see my previous post) Not just for teaching but for everything I do (yes – even little things like brushing my teath). In writing the answers down I notice alot of doing is to avoid problems: eviction, arguments, tooth decay. These fears may actually motivate me or they may make me run and hide. To understand what I’m talking about today I want to recommend a

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Why Do You Want to Teach Children?

Be-Aware of the Iron Grip of Karma! I started teaching yoga, 10 years ago, because I thought it would be a great tool I could pass on to children, which it is. I also thought it would be fun and gratifying – and it (usually) is. I also wanted to teach more in the daytime and less in the evenings and this is when children’s classes take place. 10 years later and I’ll be going to 9 children’s classes this

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Children’s Yoga Resources: Storytelling

Stories to Tell in Yoga “In a small village far away from anywhere and with no access road to the nearest town lived a poor Farmer. He had nobody. No family to help him farm. He was all alone.” p. 65, Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World by Tulshi Sen People are always asking me where I get my stories from. The book noted above is a resource I use for my own inspiration, as well as for creating

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