I have a new love in my life.  I found her far away on a trip-of-a-lifetime during 8 weeks of travel. Her name is India and Wow! I’m head over heels!

Going to India was easier than I ever imagined. Everything, even the public washrooms, were not the scary mess I was warned about. India has shifted into modern times with all the deliciousness of a great thali meal.

My husband and I planned our trip for 3 years. Now we’re back with beautiful memories and some post-trip sadness, you know the slog that comes when a dream is fulfilled and you wonder; when’s the next adventure?

I’m determined to hold onto the feeling of the trip but that’s like trying to hold onto sand slipping through your fingers. You end up with granules.

So I want to share these Insights into Incredible India while still basking in the glow of my new love affair:

Aruna a kids yoga teacher visits Indai and stands infront of a 20 foot Ganesha statue

Here, I’m in Hampi in a tiny dark building housing only this Ganesha Statue that’s been chiseled from one massive piece of stone.

Insight 1: Gained from Traveling to a lot of Cities

Whether we physically go to another land or not, we are all travelers. We are passengers in our body moving through phases of life.

Physical travel taught me lessons I’ll cherish for a lifetime. Yet as I traveled I felt the impermanence of my adventure. Time marches on wherever you are, whether you travel or stay in one place. Enjoying life as the sand moves through the hourglass is more important than where we go. It’s about how we feel as we go.

After a month of travel, my hubby and I developed an inside joke about another day seeing another market, another temple, another monument in another city. It was all blending together and losing its sparkle. That rut can happen anywhere. Our inside joke stopped being funny. so we stopped too, for 8 nights in a town called Hampi. We needed to get grounded.

Ironically, travel reminded us that it is not the destination, it’s the journey. Sometimes you travel better when you’re in one place.

Wherever you are, you are traveling, so best enjoy the journey.

a yoga teacher in india with two suitcases being carried on the head of a porter through the train station

We could barely keep up with this porter as he carried both our suitcases on his head.

Insight 2: Gained from Overweight Luggage

It’s a cliché, but living from a suitcase really shows you how little you need to be happy. Along our journey, we attended numerous wedding events which meant a lot of party clothes to lug along. How I longed to be like the many light-luggage travelers we met along our journey. Some were traveling for a year, across Asia, out of backpacks. I began to hate my big heavy suitcase.

So we created a mantra to help us accept our situation. Whenever we moved we calmly reminded ourselves, “We have baggage.”

We had to accept our baggage or literally leave it behind.

I learned that it’s nice to have things, but not necessary. I love my closet and bed even more now but they, along with all my other possessions, exist for my comfort and sometimes become a burden. Things aren’t what make you happy and they don’t make you you.

This woman is the only female rickshaw driver we ever had and the first one in her town.

This woman is the only female rickshaw driver we had and the first one in her town.

Insight 3: Gained from an OMG! Car Ride

Change can be uncomfortable but rewarding. Different is not bad. Growth means expanding into new environments.

Here’s what I mean. The ride from the airport on the first day in Delhi was thrilling in an OMG (or as they say in India, Hey Bhagwan) kind of way. Stop lights are suggestions, cars weave in all directions including toward you, and honking is more common than signaling. We got out of the car wide eyed and shaken.

By the time we left India we had tried every kind of transportation you can imagine: auto-rickshaw, bicycle rickshaw, train, sleeper train, bus, sleeper bus, airplane, taxi, and boat. At the Taj Mahal, we even took a camel drawn carriage.

We got used to the traffic. One day I rented a moped and drove myself around India.

New things take time to get used to, but pushing through pays off. Without a meditative mind India might feel like a thousand monkeys trapped in a cage. I thank meditation for allowing me to love India and letting India fill me with its strangeness, harshness and exquisite beauty.

yoga retreat eating dosa in Mysore India

My husband and a travel friend eating Paper Dosa and Ghee Masala Dosa in Mysore

Insight 4: Gained from a Thorough Search for Good Dosa

If you take care of your body, your body will take you to great places. I thank my yoga practice for giving me the fitness which allowed me to explore. To walk through bazaars, across fields and up mountains. To travel and do all these things. Another good reason to keep doing yoga!

You need a healthy body to have stamina while travelling. We looked for healthy food as we searched for the best dosa in India. We got all the immunizations needed for India. We took a water purifier. When we inevitably got sick, we rested and ate well to get over it as quickly as possible.

Christmas Day with the entire wedding party of 30 people posing with Santa Hats in Pune Indian

Christmas Day at a beautiful family wedding in Pune India was the only thing that made missing Christmas at home bearable.

Insight 5: Gained from a Santa Claus Hat in India

Life is love, loving people and loving family.

We went to exciting places but what surprised us both was how amazing the people we met were. They were from all over the world and they were friendly, talkative, helpful and fun to be with. We met seekers on the spiritual path, volunteers educating farm worker’s children, artists creating and expressing the world around, adventurers exploring all they could on tiny budgets. They inspired our trip in ways we hadn’t anticipated.

We were also invited to two weddings (and attended three). We discovered the deep bonds of laughter and love with family. Even when you don’t see someone for a long time, you can pick up the connection with a hug and a cup of chai, or a Bollywood dance, or a goofy Santa hat.

And for the first time I missed Christmas with my family in Canada. I didn’t know how much being away would hurt physically as well as emotionally. My next trip will be planned around major holidays.

Now that I’m Back…

After all this adventure it is hard to sit in one place, working away at my computer, but I’m grateful I get to reflect on these insights as part of my work. For me, it is better to travel and return, than only to travel the mall.

As I ease in, I’m reconnecting with the things I do look forward to, the great people I will meet in yoga teacher training and classes, friendly, talkative, fun to be with adults and children. I also look forward to the places I’ll be traveling to next, it will be both work and pleasure. Until then I plan on fully enjoying the comforts of home.

I’m integrating my insights so I won’t forget them. I’m focusing on the journey not the destination, seeing my baggage, being open to change, taking care of my body and mind, and loving.

And I’m dreaming of how I can get back to my new lover, India. Can you hear her softly calling too? Maybe I’ll offer training there, go on a Himalayan retreat, or a back-water beach vacation. Maybe all three.

After all, I am creating a very special trip, the trip of my lifetime.

Do you have any travel insights or stories?  Share them in the comments.  I love hearing from you.


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  1. we also saw very good effects at our childs practising yoga sometimes. they are more often balanced and softer in conflict situations especially with other children. namaste!

  2. Thanks for comment Jim. I agree, nothing compares to being in India on holiday!

  3. we tryed our childs to come with us to yoga and did a family retreat with them. the retreat was a real effort, but the daily, weekly yoga class may be too much because we didn´t get the time for everyone. love your post!

    • It would be hard to go on a retreat with children if they didn’t have a children’s program. When there are skilled kids yoga teachers, the retreat runs better for families. Hope you get to try it again with a better outcome with your kids, or find a way to enjoy a retreat with no kids so you can relax.

  4. It is fascinating how much we can grow when we travel and explore different parts of the world. After reading your text, I completely understand why you fell in love with India. It really seems like an alluring place. I chuckled a bit when you mentioned that thanks to yoga you were capable of having enough energy to walk around and see everything you wanted. It is definitely true!
    I hope you will return to India soon and that you will visit a Himalayan yoga retreat you dream of.


  5. thank you for your post! your photo show a lot but nothing is better as being there. i think it is very good, when child learn how to yoga.. it will reduce their stress in school and cares for an balanced life.