A Kids Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Story

a boy holding a toy called a breathing ball, a ball that expands and contracts and helps kids understand deep breathing

A breathing ball is a great visual for showing how learning expands our minds.  Everyone Gets a Breathing Ball with registration in the Branching Out Weekend in January

A student once asked a teacher, “How do I learn best?”

Without hesitation, the teacher said to the student, “Teach!”

So the student became a teacher.


The teacher then asked a student, “How do I teach you best?”

Without hesitation, the student said to the teacher, “Learn!”

To be an effective yoga teacher, learn as a student leans!

Imagine you’re a parent wanting to teach your child about obstacles in life and how to overcome them. You’ve probably had many experiences to draw from and different ways you’ve managed to rise above the challenge. You’ve had practice.

But for a child, how can you help them?  How can you give them experience and practice or explain it to them?

We do an exercise in our kids yoga teacher training to teach you how to teach children this lesson at their level.

Yoga for Children:  The Hula Hoop Game

While holding hands in a circle, we ask a group of students to pass a hula hoop from left to right around the circle trying not to let go of each others hands. Passing it is a challenge, just like the challenges we face in our lives. We use a game to practice overcoming challenges so that when we are challenged by real life, we are not overwhelmed or floored by it!

Yoga, meditation, and games are ways we can learn how strong we are in moments of challenge as well as moments of bliss and relaxation. In the Branching Out Module of Kids Yoga Teacher training, you would learn and practice games like this and more. We use games as a teaching moment.

Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga School Seal

Young Yoga Masters is a Registered Childrens Yoga School approved to offer the 95 Hour Certificate.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, school teacher, or already teaching kids yoga you can benefit from learning how to teach yoga in new ways that kids will understand. You’ll also be accumulating hours towards your 95 Hour Certificate through our Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School.

No matter how long or short a time you have been doing yoga or teaching, like the story says, to teach kids best, you’ve also got to learn.

What’s your favorite story or game to teach kids about the value of learning? Share your ideas in the comments.


Announcing the 2015 Kids Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

Come have a good time and learn while you earn your certificates.  Consider these options for trainings held over the weekend or at the Summer Certification programs.

Get 3 Kids Yoga Certificates Before Summer (Toronto, Canada)

  • January 17 – 18, 2015 – Get the Branching Out Certificate and learn about Family Yoga, Adult Child Yoga, Teen Yoga and Sharpen your Business Skills in this weekend training.
  • February 21 – 22, 2015 – Inclusive Yoga Certificate – you’ll learn to make your classes welcoming for children with special needs, boys, and all kids to share the gift of yoga
  • April 25 – 26, 2015 – What I See, I Can Be Certificate is packed with resources (books, poster, yoga cards, manuals, CD’s and more) for yoga in the classroom and living room

Announcing the 2015 Summer Certification Schedule:

Summer Certification Kids Yoga 2015

Complete Your 95 Hour Certificate in Less Than 2 Weeks this Summer

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  • 12 Day Summer Certification in Burlington, Ontario from August 9 – 21, 2015, right after the Pan Am Games.  This training gives you 95 Contact Hours (no take home assignment needed). It’s scheduled so you can take all 6 Modules in 12 days or you can sign up for individual 2 Day Modules.

Registration is now open for All Teacher Training Certificates

Get More Information On Earning Your Certificate Here

Teach to Learn, Learn To Teach!  Namaste


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