5 Tips from Principals for Kids Yoga in Schools

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First of all I’d like to welcome all those who have joined Young Yoga Masters (YYM) last month.  It’s great to have you here and I welcome your comments or questions about the kids yoga tips you find here.

Also thanks to everyone who answered the survey in this blog post.  Your advice and experience on what school Principals need was extremely helpful. It was inspiring to see how many people are already bringing yoga into schools.

We made a great connection with the Principal and VP from a school in Portugal who took some kids yoga back with them.

Last August I shared a booth at this special Conference that happened to be held in my home town Toronto (the next Conference is in Australia).  Our kids yoga Fit Class Kit was warmly received by Principals. These 5 Tips about Yoga in Schools come from talking with Principals from all over the world at the International Principals Conference:

5 Tips from Principals for Yoga in Schools

  1. Make Yoga for Kids Easy for Teachers: especially teachers who don’t do yoga. Principals eyes opened wide when we showed them how easy kids yoga can be for teachers who don’t know yoga.  They particularly liked:

    Principals were happy to see the easy references for teaching kids yoga in school.

    The Teacher Guides from Yoga Man vs. The Stressor Teacher Training Guide and The Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack with clear descriptions of how to teach each pose (see the picture) and that makes it easy for teachers to teach yoga.

    What I See, I Can Be – a guided yoga flow that comes with audio

    Principals also liked the audio CD from What I See, I Can Be so a teacher can just play the yoga instructions and follow along.

  2. Train other Students to Teach the Yoga: you know how certain kids like to help.  Well many Principals encourage teachers to send older kids to other classes to lead the younger students.  Principals asked for a program for training other students and I’m now expanding my training because of that request.
  3. Get the Whole School Moving Together:  Some schools meet their health requirements, like the 20 minutes of Daily Physical Activity (DPA) required in my area, by getting the whole school active together.  A number of principals were looking for school wide yoga programs.
  4. Staff Development Training:  we sold many Fit Class Kits, but many Principals wanted live training knowing that the best professional development is personal experience.  There were many requests for teacher training programs, both in house and off-site.
  5. Learning On-line: We met Principals from all over the world who took our flyers, but they could not carry back books in their already stuffed luggage.  The On-line training for schools sparked a lot of interest.  Not only is it convenient, it’s also affordable. I leaned Young Yoga Masters is heading in the right direction with the new Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training and on-line training series soon to be offered alongside the Yoga for Boys Teacher Training now available on-line.

Principal declares the Yoga Booth “A refreshing new idea!”

Who knew that Principals would have so many great ideas for kids’ yoga!  Thanks to everyone who came by the Children’s Yoga Network booth to discuss kids’ health.  One Principal was kind enough to share her surprise that we weren’t the same old boring booths she was expecting!

Children’s yoga was a pleasant surprise for many Principals showing that although they may not think of yoga for children right away, they were happy to see it there.  I was very glad we got the booth to put kids yoga in the picture.

The conference also sparked a new interest for me to participate in some other live events. Next week I’ll have a table at Spirit Fest in Pennsylvania, USA.  Then we’ll be at the Yoga Show again in Toronto in the Spring.

While I love the internet, blogging, and all that technology does for us, there’s nothing like face to face time.  It’s something both adults and children sometimes need a push to do, to step away from the screen and connect in person with others. I know that whenever I step away, I’m always happy that I did.

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  1. Train other Students to Teach the Yoga. Genius way to empower children;)

  2. Sounds like you had a busy summer and will have an even busier fall! I look forward to visiting you in Hamilton and maybe even checking out the tea place. 🙂

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