The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital through the University of Michigan, released the results of a study this month that listed the top ten concerns that US adults have for children – in order:

Top 10 US Children’s Health Concerns 2009
Child Health Concern
percent rated as “big problem” in 2009

  1. Childhood Obesity 42%
  2. Drug Abuse 36%
  3. Smoking and Tobacco Use 32%
  4. Bullying 31%
  5. Internet Safety 31%
  6. Child Abuse and Neglect 29%
  7. Alcohol Abuse 26%
  8. Stress 26%
  9. Not enough opportunities for physical activity 25%
  10. Teen Pregnancy 24%

In fact the study showed that Childhood Obesity ranked number one across all race/ethnicities and income levels.

My Prescription: Yoga!
If you’ve wondered what parents are concerned about – this may help you focus your classes and advertising – each result could be a class theme or a bullet point on a flyer!

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  1. This is fascinating to me. Obesity is definitely a concern and yoga can help in numerous ways. Recently a study was published showing how yoga mindfulness reduced weight gain.

    This is also a reason why Ontario, BC & Alberta all have a DPA Requirement for school aged children. It is reaching epidemic proportions and health care workers are justifiably worried about the long term health ramifications.

    Let's help kids out – teach them yoga and healthy living skills from an early age.