Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children

Discover the fun of teaching Kids Yoga in this dynamic, playful, and comprehensive 8 Hour training. You’ll learn tips and tricks for teaching the art of yoga to kids, through games, activities, and art.

You’ll get an amazing overview of how to teach yoga to children.


a kids yoga teacher blows bubbles while children lie on their back and try to pop the bubbles using only their feet. They are all having a great time.

A teacher uses bubbles to get kids moving in a controlled way.

What’s Included in the Kids Yoga Teacher Training:

  • The evolution of kids yoga and effective techniques to teach
  • The science behind activities, games, and the bubble meditation
  • The art of teaching yoga poses safely
  • The power of props in kids yoga and
  • You’ll receive a 20 Pack of Yoga Stickers and
  • Activity Pages to give to the kids you teach
yoga stickers and yoga colouring pages are included in the kids yoga teacher training

You get a 20 Pack of Yoga Stickers (they are the size of a business card), and matching full size activity pages for children to colour.


Then you’ll dive into experience and practice:

  • Participate in a children’s yoga class to understand student/teacher and group dynamics
  • Learn stories, songs, and routines utilized in the lesson plan provided
  • Learn how & why to adjust the lesson plan to keep children engaged

Participants who complete this training receive an 8 hours Certificate that also counts towards their 95 Hour Certification*

This Modules is also combined to make a 16 Hour Certificate:



(Certificate can be taken alone or as part of the 95 hour Certification)
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