If you’re stuck for a gift this holiday season, share your Yoga Love with these gift recommendations for kids and adults.

Yoga Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

1.  Emily and the Mighty Om

This kids yoga book stands out because of its story. The plot has twists and turns with a little girl named Emily who learns some yoga and helps her neighbor out of a jam. Most of the yoga poses are background, but you can be sure the kids will do what they see. Emily and the Mighty Om by Sarah Lolley is recommended for younger readers who have done some yoga.   Priced around $13 on Amazon.ca, its a good yoga gift that doesn’t break the budget.

2. What I See, I Can Be – Now On iPad

I’m definitely biased when it comes to this book by Janet Williams, lead trainer in our Registered Childrens Yoga School.  It guides kids through a yoga flow with care and safety in mind.  I’ve met many happy school teachers, grandparents, and people who are not yoga teachers, who love this book because it tells you exactly how to do the yoga.  Now you can get it on iPad too for only $9.99.  You’ll find the link here, along with a lot of other great kids yoga resources.

3. Shanti Generation – Partner Yoga for Teens

It can be difficult to get teens to try yoga and Shanti Generation is doing everything possible to help them along.  This DVD is a yoga class with partner yoga, mindfulness, and even interviews with articulate teens that just may help young yogis raise their awareness.  It’s a gift that teens who are into yoga could use over and over.  Get it at Amazon.com or ShantiGeneration.com for around $15.

4.  Toe Talk Yoga Socks

The sayings on these socks are as sweet as can be and remind us to Be Mindful, Inhale/Exhale and more. I’ve been wearing them in schools where street shoes are removed in the classroom.  I just pop on these no-slip socks and I’m ready to teach yoga.  The kids think they are cool.  Tweens and teens will want their own pairs.  At $8 – $11 a pair, it works for gifting.  Check out the selection of high quality socks with inspiring messages here.

Yoga Alphabet letters can go on water bottles, tshirts, and baby clothes.  see all the choices at cafe press/ yoga alphabet

Yoga Alphabet Gifts

Consider a personalized yoga gift.  The whole yoga alphabet from A to Z is on our Cafe Press store.  You can get your yoga letter on almost anything you can think, like water bottles, t-shirts, they even have yoga mats.

Check out the first letter of your name.  Other popular letters are:  Y – Yoga, R- Relax, and N – Nectar.

There’s still time to order these through Cafe Press and get them delivered for the holidays.  Prices of these custom gifts vary depending on what you put your letter on.

Give an Experience of Yoga

For those who love yoga, why not give a gift certificate for a Yoga Experience?  An experience of an interesting yoga workshop, class pass, or teacher training can go straight to the heart.  Choose something to match the personality and experience of the person.

For kids, try a kids yoga class pass at a local studio and add one of the items above. Voila! You’ve got a sweet surprise for Christmas morning.


Kundalini Yoga Workshop Toronto January 10, 2015, 2 - 5 pm

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Workshop: Kundalini Kick Start 2015 – Toronto, Canada

Gifts are so much more than material objects, they can also be ways to show we care.

There are still a couple weeks till Christmas, so if you’re stuck for something to give, consider giving the gift of yoga.

If you’ve got a gift idea, or a kids yoga class or workshop coming up, please share it in the comments.  You could make someone’s Christmas shopping that much easier.

Disclosure:  I received review samples of some of these products, but all opinions are my own. The Amazon.ca link for Emily and the Mighty Om is an affiliate link.

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You’ll be glad you did it!

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