Free Printable – Chakras for Children

kids yoga teacher training about the Chakras in a way kids relate to

A Free Gift for You from Our Kids Yoga Teacher Training For many older folx, we learned to manage our emotions in our families or on our own, sometimes effectively and sometimes destructively. Now that we understand that emotional intelligence helps children succeed, social and emotional learning is taught in schools. The Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Training has a 4-hour Certificate called Chakras for Children.  In this module, we use the Chakras to explore Social and Emotional Learning concepts

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Confessions from the Kids Yoga Booth at the Toronto Yoga Show

The whirlwind in my life, better known as the Toronto Yoga Show has finally subsided.  The confessions, off hand remarks and jokes I heard at the booth are an important part of keeping my yoga business healthy.  Whether you teach kids classes, retreats, camps, or do any other ventures, it is always important to listen to your customers.  Just like you listen to your body when you do a yoga pose, you listen to others when you are planning a

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