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For many older folx, we learned to manage our emotions in our families or on our own, sometimes effectively and sometimes destructively.

Now that we understand that emotional intelligence helps children succeed, social and emotional learning is taught in schools.

The Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Training has a 4-hour Certificate called Chakras for Children.  In this module, we use the Chakras to explore Social and Emotional Learning concepts with kids.

The Chakras are a yogic anatomy system that connects the energy in the different areas of our bodies with our balanced and unbalanced emotions.

Free Chakras for Children Printable PDF link here:

free chakra for children printable pd from young yoga masters kids yoga teacher training

Chakra Activities for Kids Yoga

Try these activities to teach kids about the Chakras:

  • Did you know the Chakras are the same colours as the rainbow? They are the same order too.  Young children can draw a rainbow over the picture above.


  • One of my favourite activities for children nine years and older is to introduce the chakras based on their colour.  Try asking children why they chose the colour of the clothes they are wearing.  Did they pick a colour to match their mood?  Did they just grab something without really thinking? Then we compare the colours people are wearing to the qualities of the Chakras. Does the Chakra match?  The kids clamour to find out what their colour means.  If someone is wearing a colour that is not a Chakra colour, we see if it is made of a combination of Chakra colours. It’s a great way to get kids interested in exploring their feelings without being too intense.


  • Connect the Chakras to the elements of nature and explore earth, water, fire, air and ether each day of your camp.

In yoga teacher training it is important to learn physical anatomy.  Equally important in yoga training is the journey through the chakras, the spiritual anatomy.

You are invited to find out more about Chakras for Children in our Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

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  1. Thanks for your Comment Barbara. Your creation stories and nature themes sound wonderful.

    It would be great to have you at one of our trainings. There are always so many great ideas coming from the students in the certification.

    Keep in touch and keep those comments coming. : )

  2. I was just informed about your site/program by a local teacher whose 8 year old student attended my spring yoga classes. I teach classes for all ages and levels in a nearby Mohawk community. Especially with children I use their creation story and many nature themes to inspire my classes. Sometimes I have the kids pick out themed stickers to start (they love not having to earn them!). Also finishing up with crafts or drawings, Your program sounds great. What a cool idea to use action heroes for boys. I’m looking forward to your newsletters.