Suddenly summer is here and for most yoga teachers, yoga classes slow down.  But if you teach kids yoga and want to keep busy this summer there are many opportunities when students are off school.  Try these 8 Helpful Hints for Kids Yoga Teachers During the Summer for inspiration and a prosperous summer.

    1. Offer A Kids Yoga Day Camp: Many summer camps have already filled up but there are still ways to get the word out if you want to offer a summer camp. Try to poster in schools before they end (many school’s finish this week).  Otherwise hit places where kids can be found like parks, swimming pools, and other kids friendly neighborhoods.  Most day camps I’ve seen last a week and offer a morning program, an afternoon program, and a full day option.

      Summer doesn’t mean the end of kids yoga!

    2. Teach Yoga for Another Camp: This week I had an e-mail from an art teacher looking for a kids yoga teacher for her art camp.  Instead of running the whole camp on your own, find a camp in your neighborhood and see if your services are needed.  Be sure to emphasize how you will make their lives easier by helping settle the kids down and burn excess energy with kids yoga.
    3. Daycare Yoga Summer Program: Usually daycare centers are looking for special programs for the summer. Tell all the parents you know that you are available for summer classes and mention how much you would appreciate a recommendation at their child’s daycare.  Most teacher’s find new classes by word of mouth.
    4. Do Something Special in Your Current Class: This summer at a daycare where I teach we’ll be making kids yoga videos.  It’s a task that requires extra work getting permission forms signed, filming, and editing video.  Summer is the perfect time to pay more attention to one of your current classes and do something special that the kids will remember.  We made this video in a daycare during the summer of 2007.  Now four years later we’re going to make some more.

  1. Farmers Markets: Many local markets have a space for musicians or entertainment.  Try to speak to the organizers about offering a kids yoga class.  Give a kids yoga class that is easy for all types of people. Have a number of standing poses ready in case the ground is wet.  I like to give out a handout with a yoga pose and my next kids yoga class on it.  My hope is the pose will get colored and hung on the fridge, so there is a constant reminder of my next class.

    I give out Yoga Man at my promotional classes with my card or class poster stapled to it.

  2. Solve Someone’s Programming Problem: One summer I got called in for what I playfully call a yoga emergency at the daycare. The field trip got rained out, the big trip was cancelled.   If you’ve got a light schedule, drop your card off at places close to your home and let them know you can be available on short notice if they ever need you for an urgent situation.
  3. Catch Up and Keep Up: Use the time off to get ready to contact schools and daycare centers when the school year starts. Many teachers need a slow time to catch up on all the big and little tasks that build up over the school year.  For me, summer is time to update my website, create new kids yoga products, and this year I’ll be expanding my kids yoga teacher training.  Pull out that list of things you’ve been putting off and check something off.
  4. Do Nothing: And then there are times when we look at the “To Do” list and realize there is no way we are going to get all these things done.  A good week or more of doing nothing is required in these situations.  Take a breather to let the dust settle and see things clearly.  What do you really want to do and which ideas have you moved on from?  In business these “Do Nothing” times are called product development or strategic planning.  When you’re a self-employed kids yoga teacher you can call it whatever you like, as long as you take some time to do nothing.  If the teacher get’s burnt out, the student suffers.

This summer I have a To Do list the size of Montreal.  So I’ve taken three days this week to catch up and prioritize.  I think I still need a week more of Do Nothing.

It’s helping me decide on my next projects and I realize I get most excited when I think about making my video from my Kids Yoga Teacher Training into an on-line course.

I know for all my readers in other parts of the world, its not summer, so hopefully you’ll be able to store this for later.  And for those who are in the last few days of regular classes, I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine.  Those of us in Canada have to enjoy it while it’s here!

Will you do any of these things during the summer? Which work best for for you as a teacher? What would you recommend for new teachers? Add your own helpful hint in the comments.

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You’ll be glad you did it!

  1. Great post Aruna! I’m in the midst of catch up & keep up with quite a bit of ‘do nothing’ thrown in (my doing nothing actually means seeing all the friends and fam I neglected over the past 10 months). LOVING THIS TIME!! It’s also a time to reflect and re-group about what worked and what didn’t over the past year. Also about to update my website, so that’s exciting too!

  2. Another fun idea I like to do is offer free classes at local parks. Its a great way to advertise and get kids intrested. Plus, here in Minnesota we LOVE to get outside when we can.

    • Jessie, thanks for this idea. Great tip to get outside while the sun shines. That would be fun, kids show up at their local park and find a yoga class to join.

  3. Thanks to all you kids yoga teachers for adding to the conversation.

  4. I love the farmer’s market idea! Our market is located right next to the YMCA that I teach at. Might be a great idea for me to incorporate this somehow.

    On my Saturday rotations, I’ve been offering a yoga “Double Feature” that starts with an adult vinyasa class while the YMCA “kids care” is open, and after that class (when kids care closes) I offer a family/kid’s yoga class. So everyone gets their yoga time!

  5. I really like these ideas especially 4 and 6 I am thinking to implement in my summer program. Thanks Aruna. And @ Bekah Buffalo, NY YogaFest sounds awesome! Have fun!
    Happy yoga playtime and happy summer everyone! Namaste 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting Sylvia. #4 – do something special in your currents kids class – can add a lot of value. The kids still talk about the video we made and now the brothers and sisters of those kids want the same opportunity. This year instead of printing DVD’s for all the kids, we’re thinking of You Tube, which will be much less expensive and easier for the kids to do and show off to friends and relatives.

  6. These are wonderful ideas! I’ll also be teaching some classes at the Buffalo Zoo, during their summer camp program.
    In Buffalo, NY we are also having our first ever YogaFest! It’s on August 14th and we’ll have a great kids tent with lots of crafts, music-making and of course yoga.