Sometimes people talk about not wanting to brainwash kids with yoga ideas. Is it fair to tell kids all this “yoga philosophy” while they are young – before they can think for themselves – they wonder.
May I suggest you watch the video below and you’ll see that THE BRAINWASHING HAS ALREADY BEGUN.



If your kids are plugged in, in any way – whether it is TV, Internet, games, movies, even their clothing and lunchboxes – there are people trying to brainwash them into becoming believers in their product.
These companies are very strategically and deliberately trying to create customers, loyal customers who are devoted to their products. They want them to become lifelong basketball fans, porshe drivers, and soda drinkers. They want kids to think their product is not just a product – but stands for something that is cool, right, and important.
So if you ask me if I’m trying to brainwash kids with yoga ideas: you better believe I am.
I don’t feel bad about it one single bit. I know the seeds I’m planting are to create lifelong yoga devotees. People who think for ourselves, live creatively and with imaginative, and understand what true success and happiness are all about. I also want kids to think yoga is not just a physical product – but stands for something that is cool, right, and important.
What about you – who else will admit to trying to brainwash kids?!
I wonder, once a corporation admits to targeting children in advertising, do they get better at it?

Thanks to Daughter of Zion where I saw this video.

Yours truly,
Aruna Humphrys
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  1. Thanks for commenting Ganga. I hope we get to music together again – maybe kids yoga!

    I agree, it has never been this way for children before – they are truly facing new challenges and need all the support they can get.

  2. Aruna this is such an important and vital posintg…
    I remember when my niece and nephew were five. We used to play a little game called : "What do you think they are trying to sell you"? We used to discuss the commercials and they would tell me. Then I would ask them why or why they wouldn't buy the product. Then we would later act out our own commericals so they could feel what it was like to try to sell something. It is a process that I was so oblivious of growing up. It wasn't until I started to practice qieting the mind and taking time to figure out who I was that I really started to feel alive again And that was far into my adulthood.

    What you do is so valubale and necessary, Aruna. I've played music in your classes before and seen the confidence and compassion and wonderful composure your students have. The washing you do is noble and never been more necessary.

    PS I will pass this video link onward too.