Blogging Getting Started and Getting Comments

Why did I start blogging?
I think many bloggers love to write. I blog because I like to write, but even more I love to talk. Even more than that, I love to talk about what I know. I like talking about yoga, kids, business, meditation, and what I’ve learned. I like sharing what I know.

When I was in grade one, my report cards said I was “shy.” But I’ve outgrown “shy.” Blogging is not for people who are really shy. It will help your blog if you can talk about yourself, give opinions, and comment on other people’s blogs. If that sounds hard for you – then you may not like blogging.

Blogging is perfect for me because blogs are written in a conversational style. It’s almost like talking to your computer about what interests you. I no longer have to bore my non-yoga friends with my stories – I can bore you with them ; – )

The Ups and Downs of Comments
At first it seemed that most of my posts went un-noticed, like a beautiful orchid hidden in the middle of the rain forest. No matter how good or bad the writing is, if no-one knows about it then it just sits unnoticed.

For a long time my posts had very few comments. Many times I wondered if anyone was reading. Then the feedback slowly tricked in. Then I learned one way to see if anyone is reading (Feedburner – but I also hear Google is good). I found out I have 103 people who have signed up to receive my blog through mail and about 280 who read it in feeds (I think this is what the numbers mean). Some say the magic number to reach for real blogging success is 1,000 True Fans. Maybe someone who had a thousand subscribers can comment on this.

But I still haven’t figured out how to write in a way that people feel comfortable commenting a lot. Maybe it’s a numbers thing or is it all style? Right now it is a mystery for me to figure out. Here’s an article link on Comments with some tips.

But what would life be with no mysteries to solve. As yogis we’ve got to stretch ourselves off the mat too.

Blogging is not without its ups and downs.
The great thing about our times is you can give blogging a shot without spending a penny and see how it goes. With blogging you only have to answer to yourself, you decide when to start, stop, when to post, when to quit or when to expand. With blogging, like with your yoga business, you create your failure or your success.

Blogging is for business only if you want it to be. With blogging you are your own boss.

What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below on your blogging experience.

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  1. Thanks so much for the info on blogging – I really appreciate it .. Im soaking up the information! My problem with blogging, being new to it all, seems to be pulling in readers. I have no idea how to get the traffic I want!