Vital Questions to Ask at InterviewsHi everyone,

I’ve been posting about how to get jobs teaching kids yoga in daycares and other venues.

Start by doing market research to help you get information for your promotional material and to network in the field. You’ll also save yourself time if you find there really is no market in your area, maybe everyone thinks yoga is to strange and you have to position your classes and playful stretching or movement classes.

As you build your Information Interview Questions (see my last post) these are some that have been useful to me:

Examples of Information Interview Questions:

  • How many students do you have now in your (school, daycare, studio). Many daycares will know the exact number for their full capacity – but you could ask studios with multiple choice (under 15 students, 16-25, 26-35 etc.).
  • Have you offered special programs to your students like music, sports, or art? Were they taught by your staff or did you bring someone in?
  • Did you find your teachers by word of mouth or referrals? Did you look for them, or did they contact you?
  • Does (name of organization) have a mandate to address any particular issues for your students like health, obesity, autism, ADD/ADHD?
  • Do you have a budget for special programs? If yes, what budget has been allotted for these programs and how many events do you try to hold with your budget? What price range has been paid for these programs in the past?
  • What is the most you have paid for a program, and what made it worth it?
  • Are there any suggestions you have for someone entering this field?
  • Is there anyone else you suggest I talk to?

These are questions that have worked for me, but use your instincts when it comes to appropriate questions and developing your business!

If you try an information interview, let me know how it goes in the comments.

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You’ll be glad you did it!

  1. Thanks Reluctant Runner – I agree that is a great question and has led to some good leads.

  2. Hey, Aruna … these are great questions — really practical. When I started my own business, that last question (who else do you suggest I talk to?) was always a very useful one.

    Take care.