Start landing new junior yoga classes By Finding Your Best Business Opportunities
If you are ready to teach children’s yoga and all you need are classes to teach, you are about to embark on a beautiful journey of untold wealth of spirit and pocketbook.

Even if you are considering becoming a kids yoga teacher this post will be useful to you to find out what you will need to be successful.

Get ready to open your mind to the idea that in the process you may become (gasp!) a Business Person.

But before you get scared of the idea of becoming a successful yoga teacher who actually makes a living that they can gracefully live on, let’s ease into it with some preliminary work that will make a lot of sense and also help you get classes.

What Do I Do Now?

Hopefully you’ve already done a lot of networking in the field to find out what you can. But you may still have a few teaching slots open in your schedule. Or you may be brand new to teaching kids yoga. So where do you start?

To get new classes you need to do promotion.

To do a promotion you need promo materials like flyers, brochures, a business card, and maybe even a website. At the very least you will want an effective brochure to give out that explains all the benefits for your customer.

To write GREAT promotional material you need to find out what your customer is looking for.

Before You Plan Your Promotions
To know what your customer is looking for you have to do some networking. So much of business comes back to networking!

To find out what your customer is looking for you have to find out:

Who is my customer? What do they want?

What are the major issues they face? What are the issues facing this field?

How would my yoga classes help with these issues?

What are the job prospects like in the field right now?

What is the pay like?

Invest Your Time Wisely for Success
You can spend days, weeks, even months making flyers, brochures, and websites only to find out the direction you chose is not what you thought it would be.

Before we do any sales calls, invest time and energy, and make commitments let’s take a good look at our direction and find out all we reasonably can about it.

This will take place in the form of an Info Interview.

Get the Inside Info on Your Market
An Info Interview is when you survey those in your prospective field to get inside information about it. You get information before you commit your time and energy into that career path.
This early information may save you a lot of time finding things out through trial and error.

After the Info Interview you will ask yourself:

Do I still want to go in this direction?

Does it make sense for my business?
If it looks like a good prospect, your Info Interviews will not only help you create great promotional material, they will also establish some new contacts in the field.

The information from your Info Interviews will increase your likelihood of business success.

We know that business success allows us to do what we love to do- teach yoga.



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