Family yoga should be part of family life. It creates healthy playtime for adults and kids where everyone is on the same level (the floor) and there’s lots of laughter as you roll about and try new things. The goal is fun.

a father and daughter hold up their Meaning Mandala pictues that show what is important to their lives

Healthy Family Activities Create Healthy Bonds

So when I was invited to speak at the Healthy Kids Virtual Summit, I chose the topic of Happy Family Yoga because I’ve seen the value yoga brings to a family.  It contributes to both physical and mental health.  It strengthens bonds. Family yoga is an antidote to the rushing and organizing that goes on in family life.

Family yoga should be part of every kids yoga teacher training too.  Being able to teach these classes will give you an edge as a yoga teacher.

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Healthy Kids Summit with Happy Family Yoga

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In case you have any doubt about the value of family yoga, here are a few pictures from the practicum of our kids yoga teacher training.  You’ll see just how much fun you can have.

Happy Family Yoga in Pictures

Playing Together


Family yoga with an assited camel partner yoga post. Photo from the practicum of the Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga teacher training a registgered children's yoga school with Yoga Alliance

Problem Solving Together: Group Train

families make a train by sitting in front of each other with legs stretched out and hold the elbow of the person in front to move like a train piston, part of the practicum from the Young Yoga Masters kids yoga teacher training


Relaxation for Families

Mother and Daughters share a tender moment in Kids Yoga Camp.

Yoga Lets You Slow Down…Together

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